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Hello....I had an ultrasound done due to excessive vaginal bleeding. I am 52 and going through menopause. The radiologist noticed a small mass (< 1 inch) on my urinary bladder. Had urine cyto test and blood work. Everything came back negative, which was great. Wednesday I had the mass removed (cystoscopy) and biopsied. Before the procedure, my urologist told me he was 95% sure that he could ease my mind. That was not the case. After the procedure, he told me he can not give me any information and that he would send it to pathology. He did mention that he was able to remove the entire mass and that it was small. This waiting game is making me mental. He said it didn't look like cancer, but it did look like cancer. Very strange. How long does pathology usually take? I have a post op appointment Thursday, but if results are not in it seems like a waste of time. What the heck could it be?? Any input would be appreciated.

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Hello and welcome! I know you don't want to join our rather exclusive :laugh: club, but we have all been in a situation very similar to yours.

First, I assume that the procedure you had was done under anesthesia and is called a TURB (transurethral resection of the bladder.) The urologist does two things; remove as much of the mass as he can and obtain samples to send to the pathology lab. UNTIL THE RESULTS COME BACK FROM THE PATH LAB NO ONE CAN TELL FOR SURE WHETHER IT IS CANCER OR NOT. It is very likely that he will have the results during your appointment Thursday since it takes about a week.

As for what it could be? it could be a cyst, or a benign growth, or bladder cancer. IF it is cancer, it has the "choice" of being high grade or low grade. The pathology report should also indicate, if it is cancer, whether it is still contained in the bladder lining or if it has spread into the underlying layers or the muscle. Often if this cannot be determined from the biopsy samples a second TURB is scheduled so that this can be examined.

What happens next depends on the diagnosis. If it is a cyst or benign growth....probably nothing. If it is low grade cancer you probably will be scheduled for cystoscopy exams every three months for a while to be sure it doesn't return. If it is high grade but still localized there are other options. As they say IT ALL DEPENDS.

Let us know what the results are....and best of luck!!

Sara Anne

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Thank you so much Sara. Yes, I was under anesthesia during the TURB. I am learning new vocabulary every day, as it relates to bladder procedures. I wish he would not have said he could reassure me after TURB, but maybe since it was picked up on an ultrasound, he may have thought nothing was there. To his surprise there was. I will keep you posted on my results and thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me.

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