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peeing more than I drink - delayed urination - night time waking

2 years 11 months ago #54656 by Alan
Welcome. I doubt that what you describe is cancer BUT, none of us are MD's and with that you still need to see your URO to find out why you have these symptoms. However, it does sound like a prostate, kidney or bladder issue of some sort. Good luck and if you discover some bladder issue involving bladder cancer someone will be here to still try and help.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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2 years 11 months ago #54655 by winglets

I'm 34, male and for the last three months I've been having this occasional slight sensation of fullness with a very slight urge to pee which is more prominent at night and can disturb my sleep. I wake up around 3/4 am on and off for these 2 months with that slight sensation, at times I only awake momentarily but other times it's worse I'll wake up at 1am and can't sleep for hours. Sometimes it makes me want to pee but most of the time the urge disappears more or less.

I have drunk alot of tea (esp green) for many years now on a daily basis and never had an issue with urination for the most part. I will have instances where I will drink alot and not feel an urge to go for ages. Eventually I'll get the urge, pee a fair amount and then not drink hardly anything but I'll go pee a large amount again maybe 2/3 hours later. It's the fact that I'm peeing soon after I already peed that confuses me despite not really having much to drink. Why is this!? However I'm talking like 2/3/4 hours, not like 30 min intervals. So for example...

Yesterday, I slept ok and didn't even pee when I woke up in the morning. At work I reckon I drank around 700ml (tea/coffee) and I did NOT feel the urge to pee but I was curious to see how much I'd void. Hardly anything came out - maybe 150ml and this is my first void for almost 12 hours! How is that even possible!? I drank some more later in the day (about another 1.3l perhaps - tea/coffee/water) then I voided around 500ml. Then 2 hours later, I'll had this slight urge which developed into a stronger urge and l ended up voiding around 700ml despite DRINKING only about 200ml in these 2 hours. So why the retention? This is what I don't get. I've always had a strong bladder and don't feel the need to pee until I'm around 700-800ml. I believe this is still the case but I seem to be experiencing some kind of strange delayed urination pattern?

Had urianalysis samples done 4 times, all normal, tested my blood glucose level several times using home testing kits before/after meals and that's normal too. Had a DRE, doctor said it was slightly enlarged however it was very smooth and normal in that regard and wasn't overly concerned about it and said it's not abnormal and this can happen and it's nothing hugely to worry about. Nevertheless it's got me really anxious now. He gave me a PSA form but I'm really scared to get that done. I realise that prostate enlargement is a benign condition and there is no link to cancer but I don't know, I'm a little worried.

He thinks that my symptoms are more likely due to a slight over-active bladder than anything else.

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