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Advice on choosing a treatment center

2 years 11 months ago #54171 by Concernedformydad
They actually have a treatment center dedicated to bladder cancer. The name of it is The Bladder Cancer Center of Excellence. I went back and looked it up just to make sure. Anyway, he has made his decision to go there.

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2 years 11 months ago #54160 by sara.anne
Either would certainly be a good choice. I think it would depend upon which might be more convenient for your father and when you could get an appointment. Since you are looking for a second opinion and a new place for treatment you may even consider having an introductory appointment at both of them.

BTW, UNC Does treat all types of urological cancers not just bladder cancer.

Best of luck to you and your father

Sara Anne

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2 years 11 months ago #54158 by Concernedformydad
Hi and thank you in advance for reading and helping me. My Dad was diagnosed recently with bladder cancer. I have limited information at this point. He had a CT scan with dye and a cystoscopy. He has a large tumor, but I don't know how large. I don't even know if a biopsy was performed. He was informed by the doctor that he has cancer and that he needs two surgeries. How can a doctor know all of this without a biopsy?

I have been researching centers for his treatment, as I have little faith in the doctor that he went to. He is lucky that he lives in an area with a lot of choices. I have narrowed down two places and would appreciate your opinion on these two choices. The first is UNC-Chapel Hill Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. They ONLY see bladder cancer patients. The second is Winship Cancer Center in Atlanta/Emory Hospital. They treat any kind of cancer, but do have doctors who specialize in bladder cancer. I would appreciate any advice/opinions/wisdom anyone has. We are open to treatment centers in NC, SC, or Georgia.

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