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Unexpected invasive cancer found after a radical cystectomy

3 years 4 months ago #53442 by Jack R

"Invasive" indicates that the tumor has reached the muscle layer. At the invasive stage there may have been NO spread of cancer outside the bladder.

There will likely be a comprehensive pathology report of findings from adjacent organs and lymph nodes - this report will show if there was a local spread of cancer.

Again, The single term "Invasive" as scary as it sounds, does not automatically mean spread of cancer.


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3 years 4 months ago #53434 by Franky
Hello. I am on this site often, but usually do not post. I am desperate, however, to find some encouraging words, hope and support. My 74 year old mom had a radical cystecomy last Monday. She is home now and is actually doing remarkably well. The last biopsy she had was done 3 months before her surgery and showed that her cancer was still non-invasive, but high grade. We decided it was time for the RC. Several things were handled wrong in our opinion. A surgery date was scheduled 3 months out-too long of a wait, no BCG treatment was given between the biopsy and surgery, and no new scans/biopsy's were taken before the surgery. The surgeon was not expecting the cancer to be invasive, and we were not either. We are heartbroken, devastated. and scared. We are waiting for pathology results. The surgeon said that the bladder tumor was much more extensive than anticipated. No chemo was given before the surgery, so the cancer could be anywhere. Has anyone ever known/experienced the cancer just going to remote organs(that have now been removed) and not anywhere else in the body? I don't know if my mom can handle or will even want to have chemotherapy. She has been battling this for a long time and is getting tired. She is a very tiny person(4ft 11 inches and only weighs 75 pounds). Any thoughts/information would be greatly appreciated.

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