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Turbt - What to expect

3 years 3 months ago #53108 by Alan
.Welcome Teddys Mom,

We are just sorry you have a reason to be here. The good news is this a treatable and beatable disease. Jack always give sage and great responses.

I will add just a few extras. For example, you really won't know what you are dealing with until you have the pathology report. Also, as most of us will say if you have any doubt a second opinion is always good. As a heads up, IF the path report says high grade or if there are any questions on getting enough margin a second TURB is usually done. Just preparing you for the next step. As Jack indicated, after the TURB you will likely pass a little blood or scab(s). I was warned of this otherwise I would have freaked out. If it is old (darker) then that is old blood. Bright red in any higher volume means call your doctor (this is unlikely).

You will do fine!

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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3 years 3 months ago #53107 by Teddys Mom
Thank you so much for all the information you provided. This is just what I was looking for. With all you gave me I only have a couple of questions left for the Dr.
Teddy's Mom

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3 years 3 months ago #53106 by Jack R
Teddy's Mom,

I have found this site helpful, and I hope you will also. My response will be generic, as your doctor's reply and your body's response will vary somewhat. TURBT basics.

The surgery itself is an hour or so long - but with prep time and recovery it takes a good part of the day. You will need a driver to take you home after anesthesia.

If there is some continued bleeding, you may be sent home with a catheter; my experience is that I see the doctor the next morning, and if the bleeding has stopped, the catheter is removed.

The catheter is connected to a leg-bag that collects the urine. A larger bed-bag may be provided for overnight duty. Loose clothing makes dealing with the catheter and leg bag much easier - jogging plants or sweatpants are a reasonable choice.

The doctor may prescribe or recommend AZO or pyridium ( Urinary pain tablets) also over the counter, in case of urinary pain. Ask about this. Some of us have a couple days of leakage afterwards - adult diaper can deal with this.

About 10 days or 2 weeks after the TURBT the scabs come off, and there can be some bleeding. Ask about this. Make sure ASK how you decide when post-TURBT bleeding need to be IMMEDIATELY reported - heavy bleeding needs to be treated NOW.

Your doctor will likely give you some work restrictions involving lifting, bending and major exertion. ASK the doctor. Job duties and recovery vary - return to work will vary.

Round number guess - count on 2 to 3 days minimum off work after the TURBT, and see how it goes from there you don't want to get bleeding started..

It appears you have a list for the Doc, I hope this helps you fill out that list.


What's with this Bleeding ? 6/2015
DX: HG Papillary & CIS
3 Years and 30 BCG/BCG+Inf
Tis CIS comes back.
BC clear as of 5/17 !
RCC found in my one & only kidney 10/17
Begin Chemo; Cisplatin and Gemzar
8/18 begin Chemo# 3
Begin year 4 with cis
2/19 Chemo #4
9/19 NED again :)
1/2020 CIS is back...

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3 years 3 months ago #53105 by Teddys Mom
Hello - My dr found a tumor in my bladder during a cystoscope in her office. I am scheduled for a Turbt on 4/18. Of course, when she said tumor my brain kind of froze. I have had cancer and radiation before in that area. But, I wasn't expecting this. It has been 10 years since the pelvic radiation and this was always a possibility. Anyway, I have thought of some questions. I called and left a message for my dr. but she hasn't called back yet. I thought maybe someone on here could give me some information.
Approx. how long does this type of surgery last? She did say I might have a catheter in for about 24 hours, what should I wear to accommodate that? Is there anything I will need at home after the surgery that I should get before I go, like gauze, etc.? Is there pain associated with this surgery? How long does it take before I can go back to work?
Any answers you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Btw, I am a 63 yr. old female.
Thanks, Teddys Mom

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