Very concerned – male 55.

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Very concerned – male 55. was created by tonyuk
Very concerned – male 55.

I noticed increased frequency in March last Year. Finally made app with doctor in July 16. He did PSA Prostate test and DRI. Everything seemed ok. I was given tablets to calm the bladder but I noticed side effects so I stopped them.

It took me until January 17 this Year to go back to the doctors over palpitations. Guess what, I have iron deficiency without anaemia (Ferritin loss) so I’m on iron tablets. I mentioned the frequency but another doctor thought it might be enlarged prostate. More tablets given but they don’t work to help the bladder issue. It seems that in the UK, referral to a Urologist is done in people with Gross Haematuria who are over 45 ( thats the guidelines on our NHS system ). No investigation at moment to see why iron levels are low until i get retested for blood levels.

Basically, I have to use the bathroom 3 times a night to empty a small amount of urine. In the day, it can be up to 5 times an hour. Sometimes, the signal to empty the bladder is very strong but only a small amount of urine. The urgent signal then goes until the next repeated cycle. The bladder feels sensitive to touch when I get the signal but that sensitivity ends as soon as I empty the small amount.

At at no stage have I seen blood at all unless microscopic blood loss can cause anaemia.

I did have bladder issues 6 Years ago, following slipped disk but this seemed to get better to a degree.
Lifestyle is fairly active and I don’t smoke, no risk factors that I know.

Im paying for an ultrasound ( private ) in the hope that it may point to something, though I understand the limitations of this scan.

I’m trying to remain positive by looking at spiritual subjects and looking at the stories of amazing and courageous stories from people on this site.

Thank you for reading and for your time

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Welcome to the forum.

Bladder cancer is always the condition to "rule out" when urination problems arrise. The GOOD NEWS is that it is unlikely that your symptoms are of bladder cancer... there is a long list of possible causes for your problems. UNFORTUNATELY, without a proper work-up the chance of it being bladder chancer remains and must be addressed.

Bladder cancer is highly treatable when caught early, thus it is wise to determine the cause early. Some of the gatekeepers to medical services do not seem to share that thought.

It is simple and cheap to check a urine sample for microscopic blood, and such a finding might prompt further investigation. You may want to try describing the pain you feel when the urge hits and nothing is produced. Make a list of ALL the symptoms you feel, and how it affects your day - leave nothing out - present that to the doctor and ask for his help. Your story is not uncommon to many of us who finally received a good workup months after the problems started. Dont give up.

In the states, the over the counter (no prescription needed) medication known as AZO or Pyridium (phenazopyridine) can be a big help with bladder spasm and burning and with painful urination. This medication does not interfer with driving or activity - it just address urinary issues. Talk to your local pharmacist or chemist about what may be available and how to use it.

Good luck in your quest for an answer, let us know what you learn.

Best Jack

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Thank you for your comprehensive reply which is very constructive and helpful. My doctor just prescribed anti spasm medication which doesnt really help. I have no pain, just an uncomfortable urge to empty the bladder. This improves once it has trickled out. The urge comes back a little while later. Doctor wants to go down the enlarged prostrate idea. They have done to PSA tests over the last Year and the reading seems to within range. At no stage have they even checked urine for blood which is shocking ( either with a test stick or under the microscope ). I had the ultrasound done. It just shows large prostrate but no other things seen in bladder. My doctor wants me to have another blood test in a Month to see if the ferrettin has increased as I am at the low end ( 12 ) so iron anemic ( which to me sounds bad news ). Seems to me they treat the symptoms and not the cause. You know another Month passes on and it is so difficult to keep positive.

Thanks once again and take care

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4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #52723 by Alan
Replied by Alan on topic Very concerned – male 55.
I am adding to what Jack said, as he always gives sage advice! Yes, your symptoms are usually not indicative of bladder cancer. The reason why your URO probably hasn't done more bladder tests per above the usual tests are twofold. First, both are invasive meaning there is some risks involved with each albeit they are small. The CT Scan with contrast dye reading your torso does add a lot of radiation and the dye for a few can cause complications. The cystoscopy likewise can invite UTI's and for a few abrasions and strictures etc of the urethra. This not mentioned to alarm you, just possibly explaining your doc's thought process. As Jack said the blood dipstick and a urine cytology (there are false positives as a small problem) are non invasive and can give some important clues on whether to go with more tests. While none of us are doctors, I would certainly push to have those done because they are a good indicators of BC. One other clue to follow is your comment about 6 years ago with a slipped disk and causing bladder problems. Could this be related again?

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4 years 4 months ago #52742 by tonyuk
Replied by tonyuk on topic Very concerned – male 55.
Thanks Alan for your comments. I will be looking further into this now. You have a good memory about 6 Years and yes, the back can play up still. Take care

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