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New DX - didn't see this coming

4 years 4 months ago #51889 by JMack
Hello. Wanted to update from my initial post. 8/15 was my husbands initial TURBT. last Thursay his Urologist did a 2nd TURBT and placed a stint in his one functioning kidney and sent him home with a catheter. Today we met with the doc who confirmed the bladder cancer.dx staged at a T2. Because the mass is located at the bottom of his bladder the Urologist gently nudged him to mentally prepare for bladder removal. My husband - who's normally a very stoic guy - said he has already come to terms with that inevitability. The mass has not grown into the fatty layer so that's good news. We will now regroup and be referred to UNC Chapel Hill for treatment from here on out. Even though we didn't learn anything new - it just seemed like we identified the enemy and started ouraction plan. My husband seems to have come to term with the dx and anxious to proceed. A much better place now vs the 8-15 bombshell dx.
I know I will.have lots of questions and need support and so thankful for.this forum. I promise to update as we navigate treatment in the upcoming months.

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4 years 4 months ago #51850 by GKLINE

Did your husband go to the Dr Alone?
You need to go with him...... Yes I know he is a private kind of guy. But YOU HAVE TO GO WITH HIM.
I remember the shock I went into when the Dr said the c word. Lost all track of thought. Couldn't remember a thing. Duh!
This is a TEAM Sport. He needs to have you there if he wants to win this battle. Bring a notebook, with questions, you will forget without it! And write about the things the Dr says.

My wife and I were the ultimate TEAM. We went to every appointment together. After 8 years, I went alone to my Dr...... He noticed immediately and said as I walked out "Bring your wife next time.... You are a team"


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4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #51837 by Alan
Just had to chime in and say what the others are saying are pretty standard observations. Plus, a second TURB is almost always done in a high grade DX. Don't beat yourself up too much. Waiting is sometimes brutal but, as Sara Anne said the tumor has probably been there awhile. What you have laid out is good and you are on your way to fighting and beating this. One day at a time is all we sometime can handle. Post away to ask, rant, be angry, etc. We are here for you.

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4 years 4 months ago #51836 by sara.anne
It does sound as if your husband is in good hands. The best medical practice is to do a second TURB if there is any question at all about the results of the first. More urologists should do this! The first time, the doctor sort of knew where he wanted to take samples. Now he knows exactly where the areas of concern are and he will take special care to get appropriate samples there.

And yes, it does seem like it takes time. But the cancer has probably been there for quite some time. An extra month to be sure of the diagnosis will make the treatment plan exactly what is needed.

Is there any chance that your husband will allow you to go to the doctor with him? One of the prime pieces of advice for cancer patients is to take someone with them to take notes/listen carefully. The patient has so much on his mind that some things just slip by.

Sara Anne

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4 years 4 months ago #51835 by Jack R

It sounds like he is on the normal track. Yes, it seems like everything takes forever. We all sweat each time we have to wait.
The cancer is staged by how far it has grown into tissue layers. To know for sure, the pathologist needs to see uninvolved tissue beyond the tumor (clean margins). A second TURBT is common - now that there is an idea of what is there, a planned sample can be taken.

I attach a link on the staging of tumors.

Easy for me to say, but stay positive. Wait for the pathology report. It is the key to a treatment plan.

BC can sneak up us in a real hurry - even with annual physicals and follow ups. It is sneaky. Then suddenly, there it is.

Thanks for being there for your husband.



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4 years 4 months ago #51833 by JMack
Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I wish I had more details to share to get a more focused direction for my research efforts.

My husband talked to his Urologist today. I wish I could talk to the doctor because I have more questions than my husband has answers. From what I could ascertain from the conversation - Urologist says it's an "aggressive" form of cancer but husband said he didn't give it a "name". Urologist said pathologist says he doesn't think the cancer went beyond the bladder wall. I'm not sure how the pathologist could tell that, but the outcome of the conversation was that they will take husband back in, in TWO weeks (an eternity to us), to "scrape" him again and send the results back out. It took TWO weeks from the first scraping - so all told we will be sitting at like 2+ mos from the original DX with an "aggressive" not named type of BC and no movement towards a treatment plan.

Thanks for reading this and I am very aware that not having actual details makes it virtually impossible for anyone to comment specifically. Thank you so much for the links, and the kind words. Researching makes me feel like an active participant in this journey my husband and I just started.

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