New to the forum,,hoping not to stay,,,questions,

5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #51394 by johndeere
Ok,,,I feel kinda guilty posting but here goes,,,I was riding my bike this morning,20 miles, nothing too hard,,,came home,,,bloody urine,,I had this happen a few years back after running with an empty bladder, if I made sure my bladder wasn't empty never had it again till now,,,,,,
Took urine sample to my Uro,,,they called back and said "yes, microscopic blood 3x's "
So they are sending it for cytology test,,,will cb on Monday with results..
Im a 57 yr old white male, history of enlarged prostate, first thing that comes to MY mind is bladder cancer...
to say im scared is an understatement,,,having to wait till Monday im beside myself....
How accurate are these tests ? What are my chances I have a serious issue ? Again sorry to post with this when there are people here that have serious issues,,,,thank you for understanding

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5 years 1 month ago #51395 by Jack R

Stay calm. So far no positive sign of anything. Absolutely needs to be checked out, but you have other possible causes of blood. You would not be the first bike rider to have blood in the urine after a long or bumpy ride on the saddle.

Even at worst, caught early bladder cancer is highly treatable.

Cytology is a cheap and easy screening method, but the results can be less than accurate. That lack of accuracy has mislead me, among others.

No need to panic. Do get a thorough workup, including a cystoscopy so that you will know if there is anything needing attention.


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5 years 1 month ago #51398 by johndeere
well thx for the kind words...Again I have had this in the past but it was when I would run without drinking any water first,,,then I would get a severe burn and the bloody urine,,,as soon as I started drinking two glasses of water before running,,,never had the issue,,,until burn this time

It will be a long restless weekend waiting for the results...if he does the scope I want to get knocked out,,,I don't do well with tests like that,,,I know im a big baby....

Thank you again...does bladder cancer present with any other symptoms other than blood ??? And does it present blood every time you pee ?

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5 years 1 month ago #51399 by Lupenbill
This is the hardest time waiting to find out. Almost drove me yourself a favor try not to read too many horror stories on the Internet. I'm not gonna tell you to relax because it's probably impossible. But do try to keep in perspective that there are a lot of other reasons for blood in your urine. And if the worst comes this is one of the most treatable cancer's that there is. Try to find something to occupy your mind and keep yourself busy. I'll be hoping for the best for you

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5 years 1 month ago #51402 by johndeere
Thank you, I don't hear of it being that treatable but ill take your word for it...again, when it is cancer, does it bleed everytime you pee?

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5 years 1 month ago #51403 by Cynthia
John take a big breath. Until you have more tests any speculation is of little use, and is causing stress. Blood in the urine can be literally a1000 things and sometimes they never know. If you have issues with tests you will need to discuss this with your doctor. Often times an oral medication to deal with anxiety may be prescribed if they feel it appropriate. People such as myself that have dealt with a lot of proceeders will give you this well earned advice. Do things to keep your mind off it if you like riding bike ask your doctor if it would hurt anything if you did so. Anything that keep your mind off t hints staying busy helps. Remember that worry never changes a thing. Stop reading things on the internet that may or may not apply it does not help. We feel for you we have all known what it is to have to wait for answers it is very hard and nerve wracking. The odds are you will not need us but if you do know that there is a community that will be here for you.

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