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leg pain, and blood clot in leg after RC

4 years 8 months ago #50524 by Flamenco.
It is very possible that the pain has been caused by the blood clot - unfortunately they are one of the risk factors for practically any major surgery.It is very difficult to locate the cause of pain when someone is recovering from surgery, but I am suprised it was not picked up on blood tests - I can·t remember what it is that shows up on blood analysis, but I know when a clot is suspected or is a potential scource of pain after surgery, a simple analysis shows that there is a clot somewhere in the body, although maybe there are confusing results when so many bits and pieces are healing. I hope his team get the clot sorted out, and that he starts to get more mobile.

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4 years 8 months ago #50523 by standing bear
My Dad had 2 bladder surgeries, one a RC and has been suffering severe leg pain, which I assumed was neuropathy caused by the surgery. Then his calf and foot swelled up, and I was wondering if it could be lymphedema. Due to the leg pain his mobility is poor, he is bedridden and uses a walker to get to the bathroom. Now after 2 months of this severe leg pain a blood clot has been found in his leg. Now I'm trying to understand if this leg pain has been just the blood clot, or the neuropathy first, then a blood clot later. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this problem/any ideas.
I'd appreciate any input.

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