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after my cystoscopy

4 years 9 months ago #50459 by GKLINE
I was right with you. Scared and looking down that black hole of cancer.
But looking back, I realize that worrying is a waste of time(easy for me to say)
Once the path results are back, the Dr will have a plan(he better or find another).
If you are lucky, it will not have become muscle invasive and the protocol is rather easy on you.
I wish you the best.
There are many of us here that have been where you are and we are here to listen, and help as best we can.
But this disease is not a death sentence and many of us here have come out the other side just fine. You will be one of us, I am sure.

Thinking of you

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4 years 9 months ago #50451 by Flamenco.
Hi and welcome. When you have had the surgery the path lab will examine the tumour and surrounding tissue that has been removed and come back to you with more information as to stage and grade, and what the treatment plan will be. The worst part of all this is what you are going through now, as the not knowing is far worse than knowing what you are dealing with and getting on with sorting it out.I am not a doctor but I guess that what your doctor has seen has not worried him so much that he thinks you need immediate surgery. Most bladdercancers which have shown symptoms ,have been growing over a long period of time, so a few weeks wait for surgery is fairly normal.Like you I was panicked about the wait ( my hospital could not even give me an idea of how long the wait would be) so I jumped in and paid myself for private treatment, but I probably only gained about a month.It is difficult not to think about the cancer , particularly early on, but you will genuinely feel more in control once you have your results and a plan of action. Now you have time to ask questions- we will answer any we can, and you should write down anything you think you need to ask your medics as you think of them-when you are in there your mind goes blank! Can·t say don·t worry, cos I know that is difficult at the moment, but try and stay positive, get out and do things even if it only a walk round the block and the time till surgery will go quicker.

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4 years 9 months ago #50449 by pjs1959
I just had my first cystoscopy..It was not painful at all. My doctor showed me the tumor (cancer). It looked like a bunch of little feelers floating. As far as I know it is only one. I am scheduled for surgery Feb.18th. I don;t understand the two month wait.for surgery. He didn't say a whole lot. I was so devastated by the word cancer I couldn't think of questions. I don't know what kind it is or the stage of it. Pretty scared

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