Husband DX with bladder cancer

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I am so sorry that you and your husband are facing this. It is, however, very good that he is able to face reality...which could very well save his life.

Please don't feel "abandoned" by the original urologist. I wish that more doctors who are not up to doing major procedures, either due to age or health, would admit it. You and your husband want the very best and your doctors are doing everything they can to assure that he gets it. A few week's delay will not make any difference in the outcome; although you do want to get it out of there ASAP, it has been growing there for a long time already.

One of our members, Alan, has "bookmarked" a page from the Cleveland Clinic's web site that gives a very good description of the procedure and the types of diversions available.
Your husband will want to discuss this very carefully with the surgeon. In addition, there may be surgical complications due to his previous radiation treatments which might limit his choice of options.. This will also need to be discussed.

If you feel that you need additional advice, Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore are also excellent places for a second opinion.

This is not easy surgery, but with you by his side and his "go for it" attitude, your husband should do very well.

Wishing you the best of luck

Sara Anne


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Hi! My husband, who is 74, was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had a TURBT done 11-4-2015 and the biopsy results showed aggressive cancer, with threads growing into the bladder muscle. CT and bone scan shows that it has not spread into to pelvis or bone. He had prostate cancer in 2009 and he had radiation therapy for that.
His doctor says he needs his bladder removed, but wants him to get a second opinion. His urologist no longer does surgery, so a partner in the group did the TURBT. We have an appointment with a urologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center scheduled for 11-17-2015.
We feel abandoned by his original urologist. We feel we are wasting time. If his bladder needs to be removed...then remove it so we can move on.
I feel helpless. I go between anger and sadness.
My husband is ok with having his bladder removed. We discussed this after the TURBT and he says he just wants it done so he can move on.
What do we do?

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