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PUNLMP follow-up...?

5 years 4 months ago #49144 by sara.anne
I assume that what you called "cystoscopy under general anesthesia" was a TURB... transurethral resection of the bladder. You are very fortunate that it was low grade. Howevver, I am puzzled if your urologist said that you didn't need any more cystoscopies. Are you sure he/she didn't mean any more biopsies?

The dirty little secret about bladder cancer, especially low grade, is that it tends to recur. The usual protocol in a case like yours might be a cystoscopy
(visual exam by the urologist in the office) every three months for two years, then every six months until five years have passed, and then annually forever.
I am not a urologist, but I can't imagine that your urologist has not scheduled you for follow ups.

I also live in Oregon...Portland. I am being seen by a private urologist, but OHSU is known for having an excellent urology department and has lots of experience in bladder cancer treatment. If you are feeling uneasy, that would be a very good place for a second, follow-up opinion.

Sara Anne

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5 years 4 months ago #49142 by Shua
I'm a 59 year old lady, ex smoker who presented with urinary frequency and urgency problems to a Urologist in my local area. Two small tumors were seen and removed for biopsy during a Cystoscopy under general anesthesia and the pathology came back as PUNLMP. Urologist says no further cystoscopies needed. Been doing a lot of reading and it says they do need to be watched.. Is this true and if so, what frequency of Cystoscopies should I expect and do I need a second opinion? I'm in the state of Oregon and not sure where I should go for a second opinion if needed so any recommendations appreciated. I can travel if I have to. BTW, still suffering from the urinary frequency symptoms and since the Cystoscopy, also have some pain at the end of urination. It's been 3 weeks. Is this normal? Thanks much in advance.

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