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which anesthesia to choose.

5 years 11 months ago #48096 by dieseldoc
If you get a spinal you will be paralyzed for at least 6 hours. If you get the general anast. You will probably go home very soon after waking up.

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6 years 4 days ago #48035 by fighterm
Thanks everybody for your input.I am wondering why they don't do a simple IV, I will ask my doc the next time I have an appointment. I still have time to find out more about the procedure and decide. I was also told that I would have a catheter and two bags, a smaller one for the daytime and a bigger one for the night. Then a nurse comes to my home to take it out after several days.

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6 years 4 days ago #48033 by Alan
For my $$$ a general is simply better than a spinal. Besides, I don't want to be awake as they are probing there. I have been knocked out 5 times in the past 8 years and each time they seem to be doing a better job calibrating. FWIW

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6 years 4 days ago - 6 years 4 days ago #48032 by CatherineH
Maybe some facilities are more sensitive to the effects of anesthesia since the widely publicized Joan Rivers death. I was not asked to make that decision but my TURBT was now 5 years ago.

Given the choice between general anesthesia or a spinal block, I would opt for the anesthesia, but that's just me. I'm not a fan of needles. As far as the tube down your throat, you wouldn't know anything about the tube because they knock you out first by having you breath through a mask with sleepy gas in it. You'll be out almost before you can count to 10.

Edit: I'm not trying to advise you either way but just answering with the way I would go if I were having surgery. And, anesthesia didn't cause Joan's death, inattentive staff did.)

Best of luck with your TURBT...

Best wishes... Catherine
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6 years 4 days ago #48031 by sara.anne
Never heard of such choices being used. Usually it is an IV med that is short acting. Same as might be used for GI studies.


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6 years 4 days ago #48030 by fighterm
I got a date for my first TURB, end of January. The uro said that I can choose the general anesthesia with a tube in my throat or a spinal needle that causes freezing from the waist down. I guess in this case I will not sleep. Which one is better?

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