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6 years 1 month ago #47602 by Flamenco.
No, cáncer should not make any difference to the "normal" smell. Drinking plenty of wáter will dilute the smell, but there are various other factors which affect smell- a fishy smell can be an indication of an infection. Some foods and drugs also affect the final "perfume" - one of the most noticeable is asparagus I believe ( don·t eat it so can·t speak from experience!)It is worth mentioning to your urolgist though, particularly if there may be an infection.

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6 years 1 month ago #47600 by fighterm
I think you should drink a lot. If your urine is diluted it won't smell that bad. I did not understand the importance of drinking a lot until the bladder cancer. A lot of harmful chemicals accumulate in the urine and they affect the bladder lining. Now I drink a lot and my pee is very clear. But I also take chemotherapy drugs for another cancer plus my regular drugs for blood pressure, and heart and other things. I was told by my doc to drink a lot of water.

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6 years 1 month ago #47598 by Namita
Please forgive the topic! I have an embarrassing question to ask. Does one's pee smell bad as a result of a cancerous growth?

Please don't take offense! When I have 'the dribbles' , as in, I have no way to control the stream, it's most noticeable.

Any feedback would be appreciated for this newbie. With my cystoscopy tomorrow I am hoping to get some answers, although, in a recent post I was asking about exactly WHAT questions I should be asking!

Thank you!

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