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Go to the bladder cancer web cafe home page blcwebcafe.org/ go down to where it says
join our affiliated group hosted bay ANCOR. join that group and Post your questions there. You will get many responses
from over 500 bladder cancer survivors. I know there are also people on there from the UK. I am T1 G3 and
am currently receiving BCG treatments. I think the UK people on ANCOR could help you out alot.

Good Luck

Age 59
DX Jan 2006 - T1B G3
RC - Neobladder June 2006

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My name is Paul, I am 47 years of age (male obviously) and I live in the UK in beautiful Warwickshire. On 10th Feb this year I had blood in my urine and just about a month later I was diagnosed with BC. They operated really fast (the next day) and removed the tumour (or is that tumor  ;) ) - that was three weeks ago - results from hystology - T1 / G2 (could be worse??). I am due to start Chemo next week (6 weeks of Mitomycin)


- I feel so tired all the time - I did before I was diagnosed, but now a real "hitting a brick wall" kind of tired ~ is this usual as my consultant seems very dismissive and says I should be fit to return to work?
- Not sure what to expect with the Chemo (Intravesical Mitomycin ) ~ any experiences or tips anyone wants to share?

I am beginning to realise just how common this is and how serious. I am keeping positive and my faith has helped A LOT. What will be will be and I am in God's hands.

Would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences (or not)



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