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2nd lot of biopsies now back

6 years 8 months ago #45659 by mareewifeofgreg
Hi. My husband Greg has now had another biopsy done Dec 2013. They removed a tumour from right lateral wall, T1, high grade papillary transitional cell carcinoma. This seems to be from where a patch of CIS was biopsied in Sept. It shows no evidence of tumour infiltrating muscle., which is good news. A piece of bladder mucosa away from tumour shows CIS extending down into von brunns nests. There are also areas suspicious of lamina propria invasion, but can`t be confirmed, due to diathermy artifact - damage to the edge of the sample due to cauterization, we think this means.
This is quite a different result to Sept 2013, only 3mths previous, which showed several areas of CIS but no mention of tumours. The reading from the same area where this tumour was found was, exhibiting follicular cystitis & mixed inflammation & suspicious of CIS, but early stroma invasion cannot be excluded.
Questios - are the lamina propria & stroma the same layer?
Has anyone here had the history of chronic cystitis, maybe even follicular which seems to be very rare, & then for it to have developed into cancer?
Is it to be expected that CIS will end up forming tumours?

His doctor explained some things but we don`t see the urologist till Jan 23. We are preparing ourselves for the expected advice from uro that the bladder may have to be removed due to the several areas of CIS. If too much of bladder is removed & stitched up, he would end up with a very small one! They had said they would remove any FC they could but ended up they did not. Why, we don`t know, I was not present when the surgeon came around next morning & Greg didnt think to ask why not. They also did not mention the BCG treatment which we assumed would be starting soon after this latest surgery. We wonder if they know more than they are saying - maybe they know already the likely outcome of Gregs situation will bladder removal.

& then there will be that to deal with. have not gone there yet as ever hopeful it won`t come to that...
Thanks for reading..........
Gregs wife, Maree

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