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8 years 2 months ago #42597 by upnorth
I am glad you are not in any pain during this. There are several ways that blood can get into the urine. I feel that you are doing the right thing by staying on top of it like you have. A CT scan usually covers more than just the kidneys. And is a very good way to see if anything bad is going on in there. Remember to take all of the antibiotic as prescribed. Don't stop taking it with out consulting your doctor. Otherwise you can make the bad bugs it's trying to kill even stronger.

Also start eating some yogurt to counter act the side effects of the antibiotic. Keep a close eye on your urine and report anything unusual to you doctor right away. (This means anything. Even if you think its nothing, it may mean something to them.)

I hope the antibiotics clear it up for you. You have one thing going for you, and that is your age. Not that you can get cancer but thankfully the odds are very slight.

Please let me know how things progress from here. I hope they turn out well.


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8 years 2 months ago #42590 by sis22
I dont mean to intrude by posting on this website but i cannot seem to find any helpful information elsewhere. I am a 19 year old female, and I noticed that my urine was darker in color about a month and a half ago. Three weeks ago, I noticed that the toilet was completely filled with blood when I went to use the bathroom. Following that incident, I went to the doctor and had a urinalysis which turned out to be a UTI. I began my one week antibiotic treatment only to have blood in my urine again 2 days after I finished taking the antibiotic. I went to the doctor again the day after finding the blood the second time...this time I received another urinalysis that did in fact have blood in it but no infection was present. He ordered a CT scan that came back negative for kidney stones. I am now on an antibiotic for cystitis (hoping this will cure it) but no luck yet. I am not having any kind of pain at all, just confused and scared as to what this could be. Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless

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