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Physician Assistant instead of Doctor

8 years 8 months ago #41303 by Groucho Marx
My old urologist was that way. What little I did talk to her, It was all one way with no chance to ask questiosns. What few questions I did ask went unaswered. I think she was a hack mostly interested in a fat referral fee for a bladder replacement opperation.

I have a nice chat with my new urologist ever visit.

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8 years 9 months ago #41041 by warrentug
Wow, I'm jealous! I always fee like I'm putting my doctor out or something! I know to them it's all the same and they have already heard the same question a hundred times...but for me it's a new question.

I think I will ask the PA's if there is one doctor that is better at the "people person" stuff, it's hard to figure out from the online reviews. Warren

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8 years 9 months ago #41035 by maryland_mike
Wow - guess I'm lucky. There are two uros in my immediate area, and one has a good reputation - he was Chief of Staff at our local hospital. He did my TURBT, HoLAP and bladder stone ablation, then administered all six BCG treatments personally. He enabled me to easily endure the BCG catheters by talking me through using abdominal relaxation techniques when inserting the catheter, thus easing insertion and the flow of BCG through the catheter. This worked well for me. We communicate by email, and he always responds the same day. He didn't hesitate to refer me to a well-renowned head of urological oncology at a large regional hospital when it was determined I need a divertuculectomy and partial cystectomy. All this, after initially telling me he might not be able to treat me because of my doubts I voiced to him about treatments and conditions (after reading a little too much online) - he promptly suggested a second opinion, which I got from that head of urological oncology, who was in complete agreement with my uro's treatment regimen.

I already am very grateful to my local uro, and think he is worth much more that what Medicare is paying him. Perhaps you can simply ask your uro if he could spend some time discussing your case with you. After reading your posts, I feel very fortunate to have my local uro treating me.

Cheers - Maryland Mike

TURBT, HoLAP, bladder stone ablation 9/28/11
Ta, Mx, Nx

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8 years 9 months ago #41029 by rbmc
I switched doctors (and hospitals) due to lack of communication. You say several are in the same office. But remember, another doctor may have a better doctor/patient relationship. This is serious business, and we all have questions that need answers. Good luck.

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8 years 9 months ago #40995 by pemquid
My urologist is in a solo practice and is super busy; his office does not have any PAs. We live in a small city of about 40,000 people, so smaller than where you are. When I have a cystoscopy check-up, or when I've had the two TURBTs, I try to ask him any questions I have. At first, my husband came with me, so there were two of us to ask questions and two of us to hear the answers. It's all gotten so routine for me now that my husband no longer comes along, though he does offer to do so. The suggestion of writing things down ahead of time is a good one, though something may always come up in the visit that you hadn't anticipated, and you may have addiitonal questions as a result.

My BCG treatments are done by a great nurse, but she will call in the urologist if she has any problems. She can only do the BCG treatments when the urologist is in the office. I think the urologist did it himself just a few times, once when the nurse was out sick and a couple of times when she had trouble getting the catheter in (due to my anatomy, not her lack of skill). The office used to only have the one nurse (female) but I see they now seem to have a guy as well (possibly he's a PA, but I've never had him).

So long as the urologist is available in the office and will answer questions the PA can't, I wouldn't rule out seeing the PA.


Small TA Grade 1, May-06; recur (2 tiny), same, June-08; TURBTs both times. BCG begun July-08, dosage to 1/3rd May-10, completed treatment December-11. All clear since 2008.

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8 years 9 months ago #40987 by warrentug
Thanks for the feedback, and the book to look up. It is a big deal, cancer, I don't think it is asking too much to see the doctor some times. I found out that the BCG is given by the PAs also, not the doctor. We have a town of 80,000 and only one urology center with five doctors. One is leaving and starting a private practice but when I talked to his office today I found out it's going to be the PA thing all over again! I guess they are trying to see as many people a day as they can and by using PAs they are able to double their numbers. The PA I saw Monday had a "Forestry" degree! Thank god I had already taken the catheter out my self.

After the BCG treatment I will have to look at driving over the mountain to find a doctors office that has less patients and more time in Portland or Eugene. Warren.

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