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newely discovered huge bladder tumor growing very

13 years 4 months ago #4061 by Mike
Bloody the first thing you were saying there is correct if your husband was taking aspirin you do have to wait to get the TUR done. So for now on your husband can no longer take aspirin or motrin with bladder cancer but tyenol is the only thing in that category he can take. The first thing my Dr. also asked before my TUR was I taking aspirin and my answer was no. Rosemary hit the nail on the head with the T2, Mx, and MO. T2 is a muscle invassive tumor meaning it is into the bladder wall but the staging is very critical here also. With this type of tumor if you want any hopes of being cured there is no way around the surgery and chemotherapy. I am 52 have a Stage T2 G3 and it did not spread to any of my lympnodes or any other organs it is contained right now in my bladder. Dr. Wein is my Dr. a urologist/oncologist and his colleague Dr. Malkovichz also a urologist/oncologist who does the neobladders when it is my time for surgery. What I don't understand here is why all this waiting? And you did not mention did they do the TUR or not? I don't know where you live but I would be getting a second opinion and a better Dr preferrably a urolgist/oncologist and get the ball rolling. I was diaganosed on 1/6 with a cystoscopy with a large tumor 2-3 inches. Since then I had Ct scan of abdomen, mri of abdomen, mri of liver, Ct scan of chest, and finally the bone scan. Then when these tests results came back including the biopsy then my tumor was staged. Dr. Wein sent me to Dr. Malkovichz to setup my treatment plan. The way my tumor is Dr. Malkovichz opted to do the chemo first then the surgery. This Friday will be my 3rd treatment. Even to this date somedays I still see traces of blood and the burning is almost always there but tolerable.
If your husband is as healthy as you said at 81 then he should be able to handle this. I know this lady who is 78 she had brain surgery acts like she is 60 and she recovered and is still driving getting around she is incredible for her age I am only 52 and there are days I wish I had her energy lol. Bloody I wish your husband and yourself all the best but as I said I get moving to another Dr. something just does not sound right with what you are dealing with here. Best Wishes, Joe

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13 years 4 months ago #4055 by Patricia
If your husband is not diabetic or have any heart problems i don't see what the problem is with surgery....after all 81 is the new 71!!....They don't have any problems doing by-pass on 80 yr olds. The time spent in surgery is important and not all places perform this surgery on routine basis....you want to find a surgeon who does many many of these ...about l00 a year. I've known people to be in surgery from 5 l/2 hrs to 9 l/2 hrs dependent on the skill of the surgeon. Personally i was only in surgery 4 hrs because i had it done laproscopically by the only surgeon in the world who performs it that way at the Cleveland Clinic...#2 urological hospital in the country. Easiest surgery is the ilial conduit which would be an outside bag...much simplier surgery and the fastest. Again we'll be happy to put you in the right direction...just ask. Pat

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13 years 4 months ago #4051 by Rosemary
Dear Bloody,

By referencing the Staging and Grading info provided in the "How to use this Forum" section here, this is what I can determine from your data

T3 Tumor invades perivesical tissue (fat surrounding the bladder)

Nx (Nodes cannot be assesed???  Just guessing here....)

M0 -    no distant metastasis (spread)

Patricia is right, the grade seems to be missing here and the grade is very important.

T3 is invasive bladder cancer.  .  

I could make a lot of guesses here about what might be going on,  but it sounds like you need for your Doctor to be more straightforward with you both about the delays for a decision concerning his bladder.  Generally, from what I understand, T3 requires a radical cystectomy.  From what you have said, it sounds like the Oncologists are trying to find a way around this, because of your husband's age. But, if I were you I wouldn't let them mull this over for too long.

I would highly recommend that you search your area for a good Urologist/Oncologist who can give you some firm answers about treatments.  Perhaps there is a teaching hospital close by where your Dr can get your husband a referral. (SOON)

I believe that something needs to be done, and from the rate of growth of the tumor, is sounds like something needs to be done soon.

So, what's the next step? :-?

(It's a good thing that your husband has you as an advocate.)

Your friend,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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13 years 4 months ago #4048 by Patricia
what part of the country are you in? I see no staging of the tumor?....You might contact William U. Shipley at Mass. General HOspital. They have a bladder sparing program but it depends on the stage of the tumors.
At any rate you should probably be in the hands of a Major Cancer Hospital.

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13 years 4 months ago #4046 by bloodypisher
end of december my husband started pissing blood.he is a rather healthy 81.
rushing to doctors and tests got firts an ultrasound of two 1 inch tumors. pathology test found cancer cells in urine ( took 8 more days) urologist sent him to have a TUR in hospital, as he was on Aspirin for heart had to wait 2 weeks, surgeon sent him to many tests including critical Cat scan ( with iodine), by now a month had passed and tumor was three times the size...At this stage surgeon reversed his decicion saying he could not remove such a huge thing, went in and did a cystoscopy+ biopsy, said he saw a much much bigger tumor.
From here on we no longer could get answers to the questions prepared, re staging re biopsy results just that a very fast big operation removing bladder and it's neighbours are the only thing they can recommend. After a three thonged catheter was inserted as if he had had a tur he not only continued pissing blood but it became very painful to piss, also periods between needing to have shortened to every 10-15 minutes, today, 7 days after that non treatment. Urologists keep scaring him with urine stopage and keep measuring bladder on the one hand and urine on the other,
he is a sweet man who does not want to live forever but also does not want to suffer more than absolutely necessary. Behind urologists backs went consulting oncologists . The first who is an expert at doing radiology treatment told us an easy 5 minute a day treatment for 30 days and maybe chemotherapy later would do the trick and he would not recommend such a dramtic painful operation to his father...when there is a chance orf a cure with that. Second a urologist-oncologist took one look at the CT and said chemotherapy should be started at once.It could work. meanwhile my husband and i have lost all direction of what is important- of wht can help - we do not expect a cure just stop that geometric growth of the tumor and not being able to piss.
anyone can tell me where real life danger lies? What kind of death could be expected if nothing is done? Can either radiology or chemotherapy replace
a radical cystectomy or is doing anything at this stage ( defined differently as no biopsy results yet) T3Nx Mo ( could some one tell me what this means?)
what are we heading towards? where to run to where to run away from? Each expert says his and only his case will save though not cure my precious bloody pisher. advice- explanations- experineces- please!

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