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Just Diaganozed

13 years 10 months ago #3202 by Mike
Thanks Wild Bill for sharing your story I need all the hope and faith I can get right now. I will
know more of what is going on with me come this Thurs 1/18. I can only pray to get results
somewhat similar to yours. Right now I just have to wait a tad longer but I am so glad I chose
another urologist an expert in this field in my area and also an oncologist associated with one of
the best hospitals near me the Univ. of Pa. as I live in the suburbs about 20 miles away from
Philadelphia, Pa. Peace and God Bless, Joe-fearandfight

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13 years 10 months ago #3194 by wildbill
Hi ! This is Wild Bill. Let me tell you my story. One nite I passed blood; scared the hell out of me. Went to emegency. Spent 15 hours in emergency. After xrays, catscan, ekg's, the powers that be told me that everything was negative and that I should make an appt to see a Urologist in the near future. Nobody told me that a scope would be inserted into my penis. When that did take place, the doc told me that I indeed have bladdar cancer and that I needed surgery to remove the tumor that was non invasive; but, very aggressive. I had the surgery one month later. After the surgery, the doc told my family that I came (this) close to losing my bladdar. They removed the tumor after which I had BCG treatments once a week for 6 weeks to make prevent further tumor growth. Three months after the last treatment, the doc said I was tumor/cancer free. I need to go back every three months, get scoped to see if any new cancer has returned. I have an appt on Monday. I'm hoping that everything will be ok. My point to all this is you need to find out what is going on, take care of what is going on and keep on going on. We all need help brother. We all need each other.

p.s. We ...as me and silly Love Ya......

Bill H
dob 4-19-1955
Live in la.ca
Plumber 1972----forever
12 grandkids
5 great grandkids

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13 years 10 months ago #3187 by Mike
I would like to thank all of you that have replied to my first post and each of you have
all touched on all of the things going on in my head. Today I got a call from the
Univ. of Pa. Hospital that Dr. Wein will not be in his office tomorrow 1/12 so I am now
rescheduled for next Thursday 1/18 to see him so more waiting. Seeing Dr Wein to me
is not a second opinion here but seeking the best possible care for myself after I get
the biopsy done. So I imagine he will go in and have a look himself with another
cystoscopy and view for himself and then set up the biopsy. So I am doing the best
I can to hang in there until I get the results back from the cystoscopy and find out what
stage I am at. Right now it's like being in limbo so I just take each day and value it and
pray for best when I finally know what I am dealing with here as far as the stage I am at
and the treatment. God Bless You All, Joe (aka) Fearandfight

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13 years 10 months ago #3186 by rentanag
I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and as the others have mentioned this waiting is most definately the worst part of all.  You might try some deep breathing to help relieve your stress, and include with that some of your favorite music.  Something uplifting would be wonderful, mine was a song I've mentioned frequently here on the Webcafe.  That song is YOU RAISE ME UP the version sung by Josh Groban, it gave me the strength I needed to get through the diagnosis, TURBT, staging tests, and finally radical cystectomy with ileal orthotopic neobladder (02/2004) which if you aren't totally up to speed on possible treatments is that my new bladder was hooked up to my old plumbing.  So it's like before, but not quite the same as before.  I was 55 yrs when that all happened and obviously I'm still here, my only treatment was the surgery and I haven't had any chemotherapy or radiation.  I consider myself to be a very fortunate person and I thank God often, but probably not as often as I should.  Too many other things going on, just like everyone else.
I know many of us here will have you in our prayers for a good result from your TURBT, and please keep us posted on your situation no matter what happens.

God Bless,

Lou Graham

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13 years 10 months ago #3185 by lhpdogs
Yep... my tumor was huge, like a stalk of broccoli, and it was the lowest grade superficial cancer...all I require at this point is a "poke and peek" (cystoscopy) and peeing in a cup every six months.

So be strong, and remain fearless!

Diagnosed 12/05

TaG1 12/05
3 recurrences
BCG started 9/09

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13 years 10 months ago #3179 by skypilot
So sorry that you have this issue. But I have found from some of my research that bigger tumers ,dont nesseraly mean it is a high grade case. Try to relax and not worry about the unknown. The resection is not that bad I had four in 9 months. I was able for now to get rid of mine with a newer type of treatment. You can read about my case by looking up my past post. The best to you and the rest of you out there. I have and will continue to read the site and help anyone in anyway I can. Don

Hanging in there!

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