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Follow Up on DH

13 years 10 months ago #2878 by hiswife

I thought I'd check back and let y'all know what's gone on since last week. My husband had cytoscopy that found an "edematous" area on the floor of his bladder. The uro wanted to schedule him for a biopsy but we'd been waiting on the various tests - a urine test for infection, another - cytology - to check for abnormal cells. All have now come back negative. The blood has been gone for about 10 days. No other symptoms. His general blood workups with his internist were good - tho BP was high and so was his cholesterol. (He'll be on meds for both.) He sees the internist today for review of details and meds.

Anyway, he and the urologist have decided to postpone the biopsy until they do another cytoscopy in a month to see if the funny tissue remains. The dr. wasn't entirely happy about this, but agreed that there's no pressing reason to do the biopsy immediately given that everything is showing ok otherwise, tho he cautioned on the tests being negative only meaning that nothing active is happening. He does seem to think this was the tail end of an infection, he described the edema as "curious", rather than worried. They agreed if the odd area is still there or if any symptoms return, the biopsy gets scheduled asap.

So, we are going to watch and see. I'm a little nervous given the reading I've done and feel like it's better to just know for sure. OTOH, I can understand DH's reluctance to have another tube up him and the general has him very concerned. I did come across info on non-invasive type tests like ultrasound to check for soft tissue - does anyone know more about the usefulness of this?

Wouldn't it be nice if there were something you could do to get a yes/no answer in 15 minutes?

Thanks for all your help last week - it's been a comfort to know folks like y'all are here and this site is fabulous for information.


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