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Start Chemo on Monday struggling

14 years 1 month ago #1438 by rentanag

I too would like to extend my best wishes to you for gentle and loving caregivers during your chemotherapy treatments, and know there are many of us here on the webcafe who are pulling for you as well.  I haven't had any type of chemotherapy myself, but I've read many accounts from members here also.  I do know that everyone's treatment is different because each person has a different type and grade of cancer and also specific chemo drugs for their individual situation.  Have faith in those who are helping you through this difficult time, and know also that we have faith in you.
Don't hesitate to ask any question you might have during treatment, and if you're having a problem you're quite worried about let them know even if it's after office hours.  You'll probably get information about that at the clinic you go to for treatment.
God Bless.

Lou Graham

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14 years 1 month ago #1433 by Jmema
Dear Claire,
At the beginning you didn't think you would recover from your surgery as well as you have and I know you will be strong and make it through the chemo as well.
I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.

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14 years 1 month ago #1432 by mikmckna
Can't say that I have been down the Chemo trail myself as of yet but my Dad is (for met Ocular Melanoma, eye cancer). All I can say is to embrace the confidence you have in your treatment team. I have lived the fear and frustration as well but find peace in the honesty and straight forwardness of my Uro. I get pissed off and feal sorry for myself from time to time but remember there are others not as fortunate. I only have to read the memorial section of this site to put things back in perspective.

I will survive this thing even though I know that there will be more complications and challenges ahead. I know that you can too. Treatment is one factor in success but I also believe that your mind plays a role as well. Believe in yourself! As I have seen others say many times, the human being is very adaptable to change or as my favorite band REO Speedwagon says "Roll with the Changes".

Believe in yourself,
T1-G3, CIS
RC w/ Neobladder 8/22/06

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14 years 1 month ago #1426 by clur
First of all Thankyou all for your help advice and support over the last few months.
Sorry I havent been around much recently but I am so struggling with the psychological side of things it is hard to be positive.
I have decided to go with my oncologists recomendation of chemotherapy and start treatment on Monday and am dreading it.Due to the aggressiveness of my cancer the therapy will be an aggressive triple med regimen and I am having six sets of treatment.
Physically I am doing really well and have recovered well from surgery and find the stoma easy to manage.The menopausal symptoms and night time leaks have been the hardest thing to cope with.If anyone has any tips or insight on dealing with this next stage I would be so grateful once again to hear from you.
Best Wishes C

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