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mom diagnosed with bladder cancer

14 years 5 months ago #1125 by star
hey listen i am 42 female and with bc your mom should do fine. I have had 3 surgery's and second round of BCG now. I was shocked for I am never sick nor cancer in family.
You can mail me any time or your mom. read my stuff and profiles.
I fear not till they come to tell me it is time to remove and life with a bag.
;) Star

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14 years 5 months ago #1081 by wendy
Hi Sammy,

There's a lot to learn when this is all new. Read the pages about superficial bladder tumors and staging and grading to get an idea of what might lay ahead. The path report...ask what exact stage and grade the tumors were, how many. I'm almost positive that the doctor is referring to local chemo, placed in the bladder, there is more info on the subject on the website as well.

about superficial tumors:
about staging and grading:
about local chemo:

Keep asking questions! Try not to panic. Also, try to make sure your mother has a good doctor she is comfortable with as this is the beginning of a long relationship. The survival statistics are excellent for low grade tumors, and this is a very treatable cancer when caught early.

All the best,

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14 years 5 months ago #1071 by sammy
my mom was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. After she had blood in her urine, She had an Cat Scan and there were a few suspicious spots, she underwent an cystoscopy which showed a couple spots. She just had them removed yestreday by flagellation. We didnt know if they were cancerous, we thought thats what the biopsy told us. But the urologist said that it was malignant and the biopsy showed what stage it was in. She has a cathader until Monday. The doctor told my dad he thought that they were low grade? and the might have to have chemotherepy :(. We were just looking for information and support because we all are super scared.
Thanks a lot

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