Private doctors are shying away treating patients on Medicate

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I have been following  John C Lin, MD, an independent urologist who is practicing in Gilbert, Arizona as it is educational to understand view from a urologist who is not associated with academic hospital.   He is the one I learned a phase that we are cancer free until cancer is found next time.  Personally, I  am not fan of using the terminology NED (no evidence of disease).  Cancer free sound much more liberating than NED for me anyway.

I have learned that coding for insurance company  any task a urologist performs is important so the urologist get paid what he or she is entitled.   Dr. Lin seems to be an expert on the subject.

It is from Dr. Lin that initially he had problem coding reduced dose of BCG as though AUA guideline says to use 1/3 dose, there was not such code Dr. Lee could charge to insurance company.   Later insurance company came up with a code which represents 1mg.  So, since 50mg is full dose of Tice-BCG,  1/2 will be 1mg x 25.  1/3 will be 1 mg x 16 or 17.

Dr. Lin attends Urology vendors trade show, so he explain interesting gadgets such as disposal cystoscopy.  So, we can learn a lot from him

So, the most recent episode is that physicians are shying away from patients on Medicare because physicians get paid less form Medicare than private insurance or cash payment for the same procedure.   Dr. Lin said urologists like him had the payment from Medicare had not kept up with inflation, and he sees 2% decrease in payment from Medicare due to recent change in payment formula.
I don't understand many of terminology he refers to.   Below is the link Dr. Lin is talking that he is getting 2% pay cut in 2023.

Incidentally, median salary of specialist in urology #5 in all specialist and $427,000,next to plastic surgeon, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiology.  I live on pension.  So, if it was me,  I would not complain much on 2% or $8,500 cut out of $427,000. Haha. 

RJohn C Lin, MDJohn C Lin, MD

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