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Depression is often a part of life following any cancer diagnosis. Life has changed and something that only happens to someone else has happened opening the window to so many thoughts and fears. For many time helps as our new reality becomes part of life and we stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. For others the need to talk to a therapist of even short term medication may be helpful. Do not let depression go on for very long without talking to your health care provider. Some of the larger cancer centers have mental health staff that are part of the services they offer.

As for the financial maybe others can chip in but again check and see if there are any state or local services offered. Hopefully your treatment will be over soon and things will be back to your new normal.

Keep us updated we are here if you need us.

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Hello, I was diagnosed with low grade non invasive Bladder cancer, I’ve had my first 6 BCG treatments and presently on my follow ups of additional 3.. aside from the common body aches and exhaustion I’m slso experiencing some depression, how are you all dealing with the emotional part of this and also the finance.. I’ve been unemployed for a awhile ( took care of my mother in law) she passed away) and all hell broke lose for me health wise! I feel irresponsible to commit to a job and have to take time for doctor appointments!

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