Newly Dx HGT2 MIBC

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Newly Dx HGT2 MIBC was created by PaisleyGrammie
Looking for women who have had treatment and surgery at Mayo Jax FL.

I have Stage II MIBC:
• Cytology = HG TCC
• CT w/wo contrast = 2 visible tumors and irregularities on bladder fat layer in location of tumors
• Cystocopy = 2 sessile tumors with 1 having shinny purplish depressed ring around base and 2 smaller tumors
• TURBT (3 anterior resected 5cm ttl and 1 anterior fulgurated 0.5cm)
• NM bone scan whole body (1/5 due to hip and spine pain, don't have results yet)
• PET scheduled for 1/19

Oncologist plans for Day 1, 8, 21 w Day 28 off for 4 mos of CIS/GEM. Urologist want to perform RC after chemo. If bone scan and PET shows metastasis, then a major revision of treatment plan.

I don't really have the ability to travel easily for BC care and wondered if there are other women treated at Mayo Jax.

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