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i'm back again

12 years 11 months ago #4392 by staceyjani
Wendy well that makes sence,you and Rosemary sure know how to make a person feel a bit more relaxed in an uncomfortable feeling. I notice it stings a bit more after my bladder gets empy ,right after,not so much hurting as I empty but right the second after oh burning,I simply find it gripping sometimes.
yes they removed the polyps and I thought I was on the happy road to recovery til this all hit now again. I'll give you the report on tues:).
I wish I could plant flowers:) but we are moving so thats kind of exciting. still get that balcony to sit outside in fresh air.
think spring right? lol Stace

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12 years 11 months ago #4388 by wendy

Thanks for the clarification. There were polyps then that were removed? Was pathology done? If so I'd want to know what it says. Your husband is right, though. You shouldn't be overly worried about getting tests done. The doctor has to be thorough to make a diagnosis and find a good approach to help your pain. There are some weird pain syndromes that women can get, vulvodynia comes to mind.

I think the doctor wants to check and make sure your kidneys are working well. Cystitus usually means bladder infection but can also mean a sort of chronic cystitis, "interstitial cystitis. This one sucks too, and you don't want it. It's not cancer but it is painful.

Try not to let your imagination run wild, you don't have a diagnosis. Once you do, you can focus on that, and what the next step will be.

Yes, spring is peeking around the corner, I've been planting flowers this week, it's a good thing, getting your hands in the dirt.

Take care, and please let us know how things turn out for you.

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12 years 11 months ago #4386 by staceyjani
Thanks Rosemary, that might be worth checking into. what about bubble baths? I had a ton of those after the TUR. I guess I am wondering why do an ultrasound? My aunt has been telling me not to worry. already had a cat scan before surgery normal kidneys and it's only been 2 months after surgery. now I start thinking well now what? was recovery hard for anyone after a TUR and I was just hoping this pain in urination was normal after something like this. when they start saying ultrasound and kidneys my heart sinks again with worries. geez.
The nurse mentioned uretur tubes,maybe something wrong there or they check for mass and stones and dialation of kidneys or cystitus. ofcource once again I only know what mass means so that sent me into a panic but then my husband said no no dont think that way,,the cat scan should have ruled that out. has to be related to recovering or how I am not recovering well form TUR he thinks. I lift on my baby all day,taking bubble baths like I said ,I see later that might not be a good thing to do and I dont know if being intimate has anything to do with it with your partner but the nurse sure thought that might link to something,,honeymoon cystitus ,,I never heared of this and kind of laughed thinking thats a joke but I swear also that that has something to do with it.. and I dont mena to embarass anyone,,but anyways any thoughts on all this I am complaining about? atleast from being on antibiotics for a week has lessened the pain from a 10 to a 4 for not being a big infection as the nurse said I sure felt it whatever this is.
how are you Rosemary and I really hope everyone else is doing ok. atleast spring is peeking around the corner.

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12 years 11 months ago #4385 by Rosemary

I'm just throwing this out, as I tend to throw things out when I can kind of relate to something.

If they don't find ANYTHING then check your toilet paper. I still burn on urination, but I'm really allergic to certain kinds of toilet paper and if I use any kind of paper without thinking, then, I start burning on urination. Once it starts, it stays, until I pay enough attention to make sure that I'm using the UNSCENTED toilet tissue.

Just throwing this out...

Your friend,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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12 years 11 months ago #4375 by staceyjani
sorry.. poor choice of words. what I mean is had the turb jan 22,still having discomfort and pain and they found no cancer. but they removed the noncancerous tumors. now having difficulties again with infection like symptoms yet not much bacteria in the cultures they see so now going in for an ultrasound on tues to look at the kidneys. I had a cat scan done and a procedure with the scope,cystocope? but anyways the scope is what showed the tumors and the cat scan showed normal kidneys a week before surgery. but now I am confused because they say we need ultrasound to look at size of kidneys,maybe drainage tube problems,cystitus,mass or stones. well I asked should have the cat scan showed something major? she said she sees the kidneys as normal on the report,but they look for other things? I thought cystitus was infection? she said it isn't infection we are concered for it's your pain during urination and things why we look in the upper track now beings your bladder has been cleared and 2 months later after surgery. well I guess now I am worried about my kidneys.
she mentioned honeymoom cystitus..has anyone heared of that? I suppose that can irritate things as well. I am not posting in the right spot I bet so I wana apologize also for that. but I better explain myself more on what I meant to say.
I didnt think these pains were abnormal for just having that procedure done,I havent been taking it easy,lifting on my 8 month old as well,not sure if thats a factor but a little depressed that now they wana look higher up. scary a little.

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12 years 11 months ago #4242 by wendy

What do you mean by "tumor things", if no cancer was found...I'm confused. Was your pain from before the TUR? What made them do a cystoscopy in the first place?

Sorry all I have are questions and no answers.

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