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The first 4 months part 1

12 years 7 months ago #11104 by Patricia
Hey Yo!!....well you know what i'm thinking don't you...? I'm not even going to say it. You are not a quitter if you stop the treatments.....many start reacting to them....its a message from beyond!! Doh!
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12 years 7 months ago #11103 by Yosarian
BC wars-Part something /D-2c//7 paragraph 3

Howdy y’ll—

Hope this finds you all peachy keen and nifty as can be and with an outlook shinier then a new penny ...and in as good a health as can be expected and a schosch more better! (Sorry I can’t talk no gooder)

Just a quick update to my log concerning my 2nd maintenance BCG treatment -11th overall received on Monday 11/26/07 here in Florida. As with my 1st maintenance treatment I got 1/3 dose of BCG. The lidocane was used better this time but inserting the catheter was still a little painful but overall it went fine . Although I tried as hard as I could I could only retain the treatment this time for 1 hour and 10 minutes. In the next 24 hours I urinated 54- yes- that right 54 times ! It was fairly painful ( 5 on a scale of 10) with a drop or two of blood . I ran a very mild 1 to 1.5 degree fever and had somewhat flu like symptoms. I could live with this for the day ( and the 12 times I got up that night) but it has continued to now and I have pee’d (how does one spell pee’d) twice since I started typing this...see how slow I type! My urinating seems to be time and MIND dependent-not volume!

I called my Florida Uro on Wednesday AM and got a prescription for Pyridine (Phenazopyridine) . It is supposed to clam your bladder and help with the urgency, pain, frequency etc. All it has done for me so far is turn my urine a very bright orange! The stuff I got in the past (Prosed-DS) turned my Pee Bright Blue...I feel like I ‘m in the movies pissing in technicolor. Anyway 1/4 of my underwear are stained Bright Blue, ¼ are stained Bright Orange, ¼ are stained a live Blue /Orange combo to make a Greenish Hue and the other ¼ I am saving for going to the Doctors office!

If this isn’t better after I get my expected three hours sleep tonight I’m going to call my Uro tomorrow and see if there is anything else that can be done. I am starting to realize why some folks opt out of BCG extended maintenance- I’m not there yet -but I’m starting to see where “there” is at –it is so difficult living your life in ½ hour intervals and having to map out every bathroom in every mall , gas station, 7/11, ---hell it seems I never passed a bathroom I didn’t make a orange, blue, or yellow deposit in....I’m a regular “P customer” in many mall stores-not to mention the occasional 100 yard dash to a construction site outhouse!

So that’s BCG treatment #11 –number 12 is scheduled for Monday Dec 3rd-I’ll keep you posted!

And Stephany In Iowa –The 20 lB meatball for Thanksgiving was great-We stuffed it with Turkey cold cuts and tied two toothpicks together for a wishbone. We didn’t deep fry it –maybe next year when we gather around the Festivus Pole and do feats of strength!

Anyway, to all the Brave regulars on here who do so much for so many —Here’s lookin at you ,,,and Thank you!

There goes that crazy guy runnin to the John ----


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12 years 7 months ago #10916 by Stephany
Oh, please....let us know how that 20 lb meatball comes out!

And have you considered deep frying it?

Stephany in Iowa
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12 years 7 months ago #10911 by Yosarian

You are very welcome, if there are any questions I can answer please let me know. Tomorrow I get my 11th BCG treatment-it's a long road! Good luck to your Dad and also his very caring daughter! Yosarian
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12 years 7 months ago #10895 by cas

you responded to my post the other day, (under my dad just diagnosed) and i wanted to thank you, i read your post, you have the same dx as my dad (t1 g3). he will go in next week for a second procedure to make sure nothing is left then will start BCG. my dad is doing good, back to himself. thanks again, take care.

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12 years 7 months ago #10760 by Yosarian
Yo yo yo Patrica! 11/21/2007

Wazzzzz Happenin!?!? It’s so nice to hear from you again and thanks for your good wishes and I appreciate your “atta boys”! Yes “V” is a REAL beee atch hehe but as she says “To get to HERR you have to go through her. And I am not sure my appointment last time that mysteriously got cancelled by “someone unknown” wasn’t payback already.

Anyway, I hope this finds you fine...How are you? Doing well I hope!

And please have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! We are going to try to...and seeing that my family is part Italian we decided to do something different this year-- we are preparing a 20 LB meatball!

Your BC Buddy,

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