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Second TURBT- Blue Light

3 years 5 months ago #52488 by Alan

Thanks for your post. We all learn bits and pieces from EVERY post something! Glad this isn't any worse than what was found. You are on your way to winning this war!

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.
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3 years 5 months ago #52487 by dtat60
On Dec. 8th I had my second TURBT. This one was a blue light special! I am beginning to feel like a veteran. As mentioned in my "Newbie post" my Doc noticed 2-3 suspicious areas. He wanted to go back this time with the "Blue light" and examine. Thankfully I was able to wait 6 weeks since the last one and had fully recovered before doing it again. The first time I was nervous, scared, and not sure what to expect. This time it all started with the induction of Cysview into my bladder with a Foley Catheter. Another first for me. That went OK and I was told to hold for at least and hour and during the process to lie on my side, rotate, and also on my belly. Interestingly they had the "product folks" on hand and there was a discussion about the best way to mix the Cysview which seem to be a powder.

During my wait the Anesthesiologist came by and asked the normal questions (allergies, previous stuff, etc.) and then off to the OR. Just like my first experience, a different anesthesiologist was in the OR. I asked about that and they just said we work together?? I noticed on the insurance EOB last time they both charged the same amount. Not a big deal (especially since it totally out of my control) just interesting.

In recovery the Doc came by and said getting the Blue Light was a good thing - he discovered two additional spots not noticed the first time. He showed the pic with white light and the blue light and you actually could not see these under the white light but they were clearly defined under the blue light - almost glowing. They also injected Mitomycin this time and I held for about 1.5 hour. Then I drank a lot of water and waited for most of it to drain before leaving the hospital and heading home. With the Cath still in!! This was Thursday evening and I would need to leave in until Monday morning....OK.

Comparing my TURBT - my first (without cath) I had pain after urination (spasm I guess) and very little bleeding and but burning when I went. I took the AZO and that helped and after a couple of days I felt pretty much normal. This time I had bleeding for 2-3 days, lots of clots and what looked like stringy tissue. NO PAIN at all. But this time I slept a lot (for hours) and didn't feel well for the first day.

The biggest difference was the CATH!!! It wasn't a big deal the first day but after that it really sucked. Carrying around that bag (I chose to use the big bag vs leg bag because I wasn't going anywhere) and constant tenderness and increasingly irritation for the next couple of days. Also the cath got clogged the first night. It felt like I had to go bad the next morning and the pressure finally pushed the clog down the line.

I got the Pathology. This time it was CIS (carcinoma in situ). No invasive cancer is seen. There are items of muscularis propria and no infiltrate into muscle is present. I was hoping for nothing but very glad that it is not invasive!!!

Now scheduled for 6 week BCG starting Jan. 4th - hoping that works.

I am feeling very comfortable now with the Doc. At first I was concerned that maybe I should get second opinion, go to NCI hospital, etc. But from what I read on this forum he seems to being following the same protocol and everyone else. It is so much more convenient to go to Austin versus Houston or San Antonio.

Thanks to all the information and comments from my prior entry I was prepared for almost everything that is happening to me. I do wish it would just go away but since it isn't at least I know what I might expect.

Thanks to everyone for helping me through this.

Peace and Love - Dave

08/16 Blood in Urine;09/16 CT Scan, RPG, Cysto;10/16 TURBT;12/08 BL TURBT;01/17 6X BCG;05/17 NED, 3X BCG, 9/17 NED, 3X BCG,1/18 NED, 3X BCG,7/18 NED, 3X BCG

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