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12 years 9 months ago #7845 by wendy
Hi Beth,

Thanks for the update, I hope your father gets great response from radiation and gets good, long disease-free survival. I also hope he breezes through radation with no problems--good chance.

I hear ya Claire, it's good to be free of treatments and not to feel like a patient. I know my situation can't compare but I had 5 yrs of anti-hormonal treatments for breast cancer, with the constant follow ups, scares, scans, blood tests, on and on. Also had 25 radiation treatments after surgery. The first year I had 99 different appointments, I counted them. that's too many.


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12 years 9 months ago #7815 by clur
Thats great news I am so pleased your Dads doing so well and really hope the radiotherapy keeps things at bay without effecting him too much.Its a real balance so much of the time.You need to stay well and dont want the cancer to progress but at the same time sometimes feel you just need a break.I know I do my gynae is keen to do extra stuff but I just want leaving alone for a while and to stop feeling like a patient.
So good luckI hope the treatment works and your Dad has many healthy years to come
Love Claire x

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12 years 9 months ago #7813 by bethmckee
hi to Wendy and to all,
Another update. Well my Dad has decided to go for the radiation. After a consult with his urologist and many discussions with his oncologist and radiologist he has decided to go forward with a month of radiation to the areas in his lymph nodes where the last tumors were. His last round of chemo was successful, this radiation is to help keep the metastisis from occuring sooner rather than later. He will only receive radiation to the lymph nodes which were last involved, not the pelvis. The dr.'s feel that may be too risky as far as damage goes. He is feeling great right now. He has had a few months to recover from his last chemo rounds, not to the doctors delight I might add, but he really felt he needed a break before possibly beginning radiation. Recently he has had some swelling in his ankle. He has had some other complications in the past few months but came through all of them just fine. Overall he is really hanging in there and fighting a good strong positive fight. As I always say and will say again, it's great to have a place to come and be heard. Take care,

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