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First Time on Site with Invasive bladder cancer

14 years 1 month ago #258 by LindaW
Hi, Mary Lou,
You have surely had a rough start to sorry! The MVAC chemo is a strong combo,  and I wish you the best of results with it.  Yesterday, I wrote a really long and thorough reply in the "Invasive bladder cancer - Cystectomy" folder to a post with the subject line "options" describing the three types of diversions that I think you would find informative due to your upcoming surgery. I am hoping that you will take the time to read it. I am 59 also and had my radical cystectomy with neobladder diversion four years ago this month for T2G2 bladder cancer. I have not had chemotherapy, but the blcwebcafe site has some good information about chemotherapy that should be of help to you. Also, you might consider joining the blcwebcafe e-mail discussion list as there are members that have had the nephrostomy tubes and neoadjuvant (before surgery) chemotherapy.  Best wishes, LindaW

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14 years 1 month ago #252 by Mary_Lou

I'm new to this forum as of today. Not sure completely how it works. But I found this so it's a start. I am a 59 year old female. I've been very active, healthy, and with only some arthritis. On 1/19/06 an Ultra Sound showd a large mass in the bladder. Also hydronephrosis in the kidney. On 1/27/06 appointment with Urologist. On 1/31/06. Urologist performed a partial cystectomy. As described as a golf ball size mass and ebedded in the wall and couldn't get it all. Also he couldn't find the opening of the ureter because the mass had grown around it. Therefore the kidney has not been relieved of the hydronephrosis. From the PC the biopsy was sent out. The Path report came back and was given to me on 2/09/06. Stage 4 invasive bladder cancer. Urologist referred me to an Urologist/Oncologist in Tucson (4 hrs. away, I live in Pnetop, AZ - we have no Urologist in our White Mountain Community) My Urologist is in Payson (2 hrs. away). At this time I believe the Tucson Dr. will perform the surgury. U/O Dr. recommendation on 2/17/06: Must get the kidney cleared up. An appointment with a radiologist on 2/22/06 to insert a Nephostomy (sp ?) tube. After cleared start Chemo (MVAC) for 2 months, then a CT and hopefully at that time to schedule surgury, if not another month of chemo before surgury. I'm leaning toward the Urostomy. Because of possibly less complications and infections, also my age. My sports include golf and fishing. Most the time I'd rather be fishing. I'm okay. I've been reading and researching so much since 1/19. Most came from blcwebcafe. I invite anyone who has or is going through this to please contact me. As I'm new to this forum, I will continue to figure out how it works. God Bless you all who have gone through this and for your continued support to help new patients. Mary Lou

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