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Forget the its a staple!!

12 years 8 months ago #8032 by Patricia
My pouch does not like the dye from the CT scan either....i find that i have a couple of days of misbehaviour!!! Pat

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12 years 8 months ago #8029 by Melodie

My dear Rose Bud is doing better today... :), so far no leaks. I just keep telling her how beautiful she is and keep coaching her to be her very best. My spouse has been very accomodating concerning all the new medical supplies I've added to our bathroom and in time, he will be more accepting of Rose Bud. He does think it is a miracle, the way it works and all but at the same time it makes him feel a little squeamish. He is so happy, however, that I am home again and keeps telling me over and over again how proud he is of me and how very strong a person I am to have taken this journey to recovery. I did have some stinging and irritation all last week but the visiting nurse thinks that perhaps I was alergic to the dye that was used for the kidney scan....could be as that issue seems to be clearing up.

Melodie, Indy Pouch, U.W.Medical Center, Seattle, Dr. Paul H. Lange & Jonathan L. Wright

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12 years 8 months ago #7998 by Patricia
Hi Melodie...welcome back to bladder cyberspace! Good to see you back at the computer.
Hope the docs can figure out the consistency of the crystals and provide a better solution. I'm sure that and the staple were some of the reasons RoseBud was acting up. And remind her that you are not the one making negative remarks about her so as not to punish you further. She will figure out her role eventually even if your husband can't.
XXoo Pat

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12 years 8 months ago #7995 by Melodie
Hey Gang ! So glad to be able to get back to a PC and communicate with some of the best folks I know in the whole wide world.

It's been six weeks now since my in-laws got back into town this week and so the time seemed right to head back to my home 70 miles north of Seattle. Oh, how I adored having all that time alone at their home. Of course the very ten days home upon leaving the hospital my daughter and sister in law took turns staying with me but after that I was on my own, except for having a visiting nurse stop in twice weekly. It seemed like slow going but I stayed in touch with Pat and Holly and what a blessing to talk with them both for reassurance and answers to questions the doctors never found time to answer. I am forever indebted to those two wonderful individuals for in my darkest moments they were always there for me. Thank you, Pat and Holly ! God bless you for your kindness to me.

And yes, that was a little staple that somehow popped up on the outside perimeter of dear little Rose bud. The doc got it out fast and easily once he found the right tool. As for the crystals, minderal deposits, stones or whatever they are that I keep seeing...I collected a few in a jar and delivered them to my doc at the UW Medical Center today...I did notice that last week after removing the staple and giving me an antibiotic, that the crystals seemed to disappear but now they are showing up again. Pat suggested I drink more juice which I have and that seems to help. My biggest issue, however, is leaking. The first week I was working with Rosebud, everything went fine, then ten days ago, at least once daily I would leak and leak heavily and sometimes having to cath. every 90 mins. So I am not able to get past 3 hours without having to empty, so I am still rather sleep deprived.

So about my day last week at the hospital...first off my ride didn't show and I had to get a taxi so I arrived just a tad late. Was in first for the Nuclear Kidney Scan with Lasix....this is a 40 minute test where you have to lie still and they put some radio-active material into your IV, then give you a very potent diaretic...telling you your bladder will feel very full. I was told to go empty prior to the test...Yikes! My very first time having to cath. away from home. I told the tech I wasn't absolutely sure I had gotten it all out but did my best. She proceeded with the test and I told her half way through that I was sure Rosebud was leaking as I had placed a heavy sanitary napkin over her in case of a leaking problem. I mentioned that I wasn't suppose to hold more than 500 CCs since it was a brand new bladder and that I was beginning to feel rather full. About five mins. before the test was over, I had to tell the tech. that I was sure the pad was soaked and that my bladder was in discomfort...could we bring the test to an end. She did and I was told to go empty again.

Poor Rosebud! :o I went to the restroom, pulled off the pad which was completely drenched, and before I could get to the toilet, Rosebud took off like a little geyser. Luckily I had got the cath. lubed up and soon after got the cath. in and able to direct the flow to the toilet. If you have seen the Austin Powers film where he is a spy....there is a toilet scene where he pees for a very long time...I felt exactly like Austin Powers....the flow seemed to go on and on and on...finally the tech. is knocking on the door asking if I am OK. Well,I'm not sure how much that bladder holds but I can tell you, it had to be well over 500. What also surprised me was that none of it looked or smelled like urine...apparently the diaretic causes the kidneys to work overtime and they just pull fluid from the body.
I'm thinking I don't want to do that test again. The doc said the results show the kidneys are fine but that the left one does 75% of the work vs. the right one which does 25%...guess it is lazy. Could be they have always functioned that way.

Anyway, one would think that having such fun with the kidney test, and then having a staple pulled out, that would be fun enough but I still had to go get a blood draw.
I have never had any problems with that...except this time after leaving the lab and going to the pharmacy, I felt something running down my arm. I pull off my white jacket to find blood running down my arm and the inside of my jacket well stained with blood. I get back to the lab and return to the nurse who drew the blood...she cleaned me up and tried to clean the jacket as best she could...finally she gives me one of her jackets to wear home, bless her heart. I was able to return that today.

So I am back at home tonight with my spouse. I asked if he wanted to watch me cath. myself as he kept insisting that Rosebud was a piece of plastic instead of living tissue (this was his view point from the one visit he made to the hospital)
Anyway, he wasn't watching long when he said, "Oh my God, what have they done to you? And added, "I'm not ready for this." Poor Rosebud. I told her to ignore his comments, cause all the nurses and doctors who have seen her always comment on how beautiful a stoma she is. Now, if I can just help her to get better trained and stop this leaking, we will have happier days together. Gotta go for now. Thanks to all for their positive thoughts and prayers during my absence. Take care and God bless. Melodie

Melodie, Indy Pouch, U.W.Medical Center, Seattle, Dr. Paul H. Lange & Jonathan L. Wright

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12 years 9 months ago #7882 by Patricia
Melodie went in yesterday for a kidney test..took 40minutes...was that an IVP? Anyway she got the staple removed with their utter disbelief. She is now seeing the very hysterical side of her visit and wants to relate it the further adventures of Drs Curly Larry & Moe will have to wait until she gets to a computer :D

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12 years 9 months ago #7877 by Mike
I think I get out the hemostats and try to take it out and
if successful put some antibiotic cream on it lol Dr. Joe ;)

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