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Another crisis averted.....or, what were those doctors thinking?

12 years 9 months ago #7146 by Stephany
No, it doesn't. I am getting more and more strong and able to speak up. And I owe it all to you guys.

His BP is down to normal, and his depression has lifted. Thanks to our being the squeaky wheel. We still haven't heard from the doc about the path report. We probably won't until tomorrow afternoon. I wish we had told him on Friday, but the doc got busy, and so we're still waiting.

And boy, do I have questions!

Thanks again, Pat.

Stephany in Iowa

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12 years 9 months ago #7145 by Patricia
Yes isn't it amazing...everyone and their brother takes your medical history and actually nobody bothers to read it....sometimes allergies even on your wrist band ..aaaannnnnddddd...nobody bothers to read it!!! Or the best one that happened to my son was the nurse got her rooms confused and brought in chemo drugs for the guy next must be vigilant and if you're in a morphine induced stupor you'd better have someone there who can speak for you . When my husband went in the hospital with a heart attack they took his medical history and actually did give him his drugs...problem being they scheduled him for bypass surgery and continued to give him Plavix...a blood thinning drug that stays in your system for 7 days....I kept saying he should not be on that drug....nurses too afraid to bother the doctor(they have them well trained not to bother them unless its a better be life or death emergency!!) I can't reach the doctor...he's not on call (mind you he was his cardiologist for 27 yrs).....and guess what..the night before surgery the surgeon comes in and looks at his chart and says "I can't do're on Plavix"........Well.......DOH......
OK i'm venting again!! Sorry.
So glad your hubby made some noise and you're making some noise...they don't seem to register soft voices in a hospital. Pat

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12 years 9 months ago #7142 by Stephany
Got a call at 1:00 am this morning from my husband. He was SO upset, and had every right to be. Here's the story:

When we came into the hospital, they took him off all of his oral meds, some of which were for his high blood pressure. When his BP started rising in the hospital, I kept asking his nurses when he was going to go back on the BP meds. They just said, "it will come down", or "we'll watch it."f

Then last night it hit 210/105. His night nurse called the doctor on call and he Rx'd a beta blocker. When she brought it in, he said he couldn't take it because he had a bad reaction to beta blockers (depression). The nurse reported back to the doc, and the doc called Doran and said "I understand you are refusing to take your medication?"

I imagine that doctor is now visiting audiology. ;D

My husband gently explained that he didn't want that med, he wanted his own med, which was prescribed for him after many trials, and that it was working fine, and that he had given a complete history SEVERAL times when he entered the hospital, and that information should be available to the hospital, and he was not going to take ANYTHING unless it was what he knew was working for him.

He got what he needed. Then he called me to vent. Sigh :P

His BP was back to normal, and he sounded SO good this morning that I stayed at the hotel and had a long shower and breakfast. Then, when I got to the hospital, he was down again.....cold and feeling bad.

He's down to three bags, and no IV, so I'm hoping this is temporary.

Just a reminder to everyone who has a relative in the hospital......keep fighting! The patient needs someone with a clear head and a lot of information written down so they can remember it quickly.

(things I learned from you guys.)

Stephany in Iowa

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