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Hiccups after bladder replacement with intestine

2 years 7 months ago #54219 by MJ
Oh wow! My dad had hiccups after his surgery and it was excruciating for him! I'm so sorry your father is going through that. Unfortunately, we don't have any advice (just commiseration) on how to get rid of them. They just went away for my dad. He tried a hiccup syrup but gave up on it, as didn't see an improvement. He also tried all the "old wives tales", which I'm sure you've already looked into as well.

Would it help to just have your dad taking small, frequent sips of water, to slowly improve his hydration? I'm sure you've already thought about it all.

My dad initially regretted the decision to have the surgery, too. I still can't say that he's glad he had the surgery, but I think he's closer to that point. Did the support group help your dad? I know the family is trying to help but saying "you should be grateful" to someone who's gone through and is still recovering from such an intense surgery doesn't seem very helpful to me. Hopefully the people in the support group helped to validate his feelings and experiences.

How is your dad doing now? Tell him I'll be praying for his recovery so he can go fishing!


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3 years 1 month ago #53157 by Mmaclellan
Thank you Sarah Anne for your reply. We have talked with my Fathers doctor the hiccups were treated but the medication does not seem to help. He has a apt for a CT scan of his abdomen on Monday. He
has no appitite. So far his labs all come back great as well as his scans. He did very well from Christmas Day up until about 2 weeks ago. He went fishing the one thing he loves and finally had strength for. He went two days in a row and over did it. He got dehydrated and has not gotten better. He is starting to lose weight fast and feels helpless. He also has no control of his bladder this makes him feel like less of a man. The family tells him to be grateful for a second chance something in him just change after this surgery. He was decided last week he would like to go to Usc to a support group I think that is a good choice. He needs to talk to someone who had the surgery done and hear their story.

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3 years 1 month ago #53140 by sara.anne
You need to have a very specific discussion about this with your father's care team. They should be able to help with this, and you need to push them until they do!! Also, as you realize, the hydration issue is very important and could be contributing to his problems.

Depression is very common after such a drastic procedure and life-change. He also needs to be seen by someone for this issue.

Keep pushing for him. He is lucky to have you on his side.

Sara Anne

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3 years 1 month ago #53139 by Mmaclellan
My father had surgery in October. He had the hiccups after surgery and continues to get them. They are painful and cause him so much discomfort. Has anyone else had this problem? If so how were they treated? He is also struggling with hydration. We almost lost him at Christmas time. He recoved from that but seems to be going down hill again. Feeling very fustrated he feels like the surgery was a bad choice. He is very depressed.

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