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Update on my Dad

13 years 11 months ago #591 by motherof3
Hi Terry,

I just had to respond to you! I have been reading this website since late February when my dad was diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer. However, I finally registered tonight so I could particpate in the forums. I've learned so much from this site. It is great!
Anyways, I had to write to you because your dad's story sounds almost identical to ours. My dad had radical cystectomy, prostate removal and pelvic lymphnodes removed back in March. He had one lymphnode involvement near the ureters (but not actually in them). He also has the external pouch. He had originally chosen to try the Neo, but when his oncologist discovered lymphnode involvement he decided to go with the external pouch because he wanted to start my dad on agressive Chemo right away. He thought the neo may complicate things and slow the healing process. Dad has so far been through 4 treatments of Gemzar, Cisplatin and some Taxol. He ended up having a reaction to the Taxol so they stopped that one. So far, he has done very well. My dad, like yours, was in excellent shape before this happened. He is a non-smoker and walked 2 miles a day. If you don't mind my asking, how old is your dad? Mine will be 60 this year. It seems like such a young age for something so horrible to happen. I've learned a lot from this whole experience--especially about life. Keep me posted!!


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14 years 1 month ago #468 by wendy
Hi Terri,

Yes! That's the best news you and your father could get. Sounds as if his timing was excellent too. Bladder cancer stinks, sneaking up the ureter like that. Good thing the surgeon kept going till he got clear margins.

It surely takes a while to recover from such invasive surgery and the appetitie is usually the biggest victim. Things taste funny, smell funny. Some people say the rule of thumb is that one week of recovery is needed for each hour spent on the operating table. This is not a scientific observation mind you, but I've noticed that it seems pretty close.

In the meantime have your father indulge himself like a kid, anything he might want, high calorie stuff, try not to worry too much about whatever junk he may have a taste for. Many people turn to high calorie drinks like Boost and Ensure until they get their appetite back, but I'm sure you've already heard that one.

The fact that your father is active will help things go quicker, they say it's the best way to get better, to get up and stay up!

All the best with things,

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14 years 1 month ago #457 by Terri_S.
Hello Wendy and all here,
The pathology report is in and there is no other cancer! We are praising the Lord for this good news!
The doctor is very impressed by how fast my Dad is healing. We attribute it to the fact that my Dad has always been healthy except for this situation. He's very active and is doing more every day.
My Dad shares that he still doesn't have his appetite back but is working slowly everyday to eat a little more.
Thanks again for this website! Yes, Wendy, Knowledge IS powerful!

Terri S. :)

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14 years 1 month ago #449 by wendy
Hi Terri,

Thank you for the update and I'm very happy to hear that surgery went well. That's wonderful to hear that the website helped you understand what was happening. Knowledge is power, right?

It sounds like the surgeon knew what he was doing, all we can hope for now is a clean path report.
Take care,

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14 years 1 month ago #448 by Terri_S.
Hello All,
I just wanted to share with you that my dad's surgery went very well and he got to go home this past Wednesday.
The cancer had spread up the ueters (sp?) so the doctors had to clip up until he came to a place that was cancer free but he feels that was the extent of the cancer. However, we are still waiting for the pathology report.
My dad is now wearing an external ostomy bag and is having no problems with it so far. He is slowly building up his strength but feels so much better than he did.
I must confess that it was quite an experience but because of the information I was able to get from this site, I was much more prepared for what happened presurgical, during the surgery and post surgical.
If anyone has to go through this either as a patient or a caretaker, it is worth your while to review the information on this site.
Thank you again for your support. I would be more than happy to share our experience with anyone who is facing this type of surgery.

Thanks again,
Terri S.

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