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Approaching 1 year radical cystectomy and neo bladder

12 years 4 months ago #12126 by Joe M
Congratulations fj,

You seem to be happy with your surgery. I am, after 5 years.
Although I wasn't as lucky as skypilot; who got the cool robot treatment, and somehow managed to get out in 3 days....
( Yes, I am jealous).

We are all part of a group that were lucky enough to survive the ordeal.
Let's all keep supporting the newbies, each other and keep the misinformation and fears, to a minimum by speaking out in here, and in our daily lives.

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12 years 5 months ago #12113 by fjriley
Hello sky pilot....
I dont know from Da Vinci. I do know that Dr Lallas had considered using
a robot (is that Da Vinci) but decided against it. He has been well pleased
with my progress all along. I dont know the technical names of what happened to
me. Not even sure I have a 'neo' bladder. I do know that my new bladder
was made from a piece of my intestine. Thanks for the replies, and good luck
with your surgery. Fred

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12 years 5 months ago #12107 by Patricia
Don...i find that time for surgery is one big variable...don't know if women are easier as they aren't dealing with nerve sparing and prostate but i know Holly's DaVinci cystectomy took 3 l/2 hrs. My surgery done laproscopically took 4hrs 20 mins. Dr. Schoenberg at Johns Hopkins who goes in the conventional way takes from 3 to 4 l/2 hrs usually.....I think it just depends on the surgeon and any possible problems that may incur while in there. Pat

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12 years 5 months ago #12096 by skypilot
Thanks for the nice story, It gives hope that all will good for ne also. Althogh a couple of guys have guided me along the way here on the forum, I had RC with neo bladder on the 21st of dec. With da vinci/ conventional surgery. Was that the normal time for your doc on RC mine was 9 and half hours of surgery, i was in or for 10 and half. Glad you are doing so well. Don

Hanging in there!

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12 years 5 months ago #12093 by fjriley
Hello All....
My story begins last November when I began passing blood in my urine. Went to my regular doctor and he treated my for an infection. When it didnt clear up he sent me
to a urologist. A cystoscope revealed extensive cancer in my bladder. He suggested
that I go to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. He told me that their team could
fashion me a new bladder from my intestines. My surgery was done on Jan 2nd 2007 by
Dr Lallas and his team. Surgery took 14 hours. Stayed in Hospital for 18 days.
My wonderful wife and I went through all the normal recovery paces...
catheterizations etc.. and had a visiting nurse couple of times a week.
Can not say enough about Dr Lallas and the rest of the staff at Jefferson as well as the patience of my wife.. They all were wonderful. Now approaching first anniversary
of surgery, we are back in our accustomed spot in our RV in Florida. We missed last
winter obviously but I cant say how good it feels to be here. You all know of the
uncertainities when first diagnosed. I feel extremely lucky, that the cancer was
found. The doctor said it had been there for a very long time. and my surgeon
said there were traces of it in my prostate too. So it looks like we caught it just
in time, before it could spread. After the surgery I had 6 weeks or so of Chemo.
and catscan revealed no more cancer. I am due for another C-scan in about 2 weeks.
My only problem now is leakage. If I sit for any length of time, a teaspoonful or
so of urine spills out when I stand up. I think this might be getting better tho.
Also I seem to wake up myself once or twice a night and have no problems that my
pad cant take care of. I have a good stream and can retain a good quantity of
urine. I wear depends along with a pad. I like "Assurance" by Walmart the best.
Other store brands are almost as good. The Assurance pads are larger and dont let
the urine spill over easily.
Well, thats my story. As I read others experiences, I think I am well
blessed to come out of this so good

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