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No definitive diagnosis yet but dr speculation

7 years 9 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #42724 by tiffrd
I hope to find some answers here - I'm a nervous wreck and I don't do well with what iffing myself on Google searches.

1. I went in for lethargy to Carenow July 14. Had to urinate maybe a little more often, but not much and zero other symptoms. Sister talked me into going. Had trace blood in urine and a UTI (had never had one in my life and I'm 42). She puts me on Macrobid and said to go see regular dr in 2 weeks for check up.

2. My reg dr isn't in, so I see stand in. He says UTI is now "raging infection with moderate blood." Still NO symptoms other than lethargy - no urinating frequently anymore, but now I feel a slight tickle deep inside my bladder. No urge to go, just a tickle. He puts me on SMZ/TMP DS ad said they'd run a culture and call back Monday.

*He mentions that if these meds don't cure it, he'll want me to see a specialist. I ask, "What would that mean because I'll worry?" Usually a doctor will say, "Oh don't go there yet" but this guy says, "Well even if it's bladder cancer and you have tumors, a few days won't matter." UGH!

3. I call back Monday for results, they say they don't do cultures on weekends, so call back Wed. I call back Wed and they say Oops - they accidentally threw the sample away. So I go back in Wednesday and they take a new culture sample and he puts me on Cephalexin 500mg 4/day for 5 days and also puts me on Detrol LA for bladder spasms, which he says is causing the tickle.

4. I call back today - culture is normal. But my UTI tests trips still show an infection - Leukocytes positive, but nitrates negative - and now I feel that tickle feeling almost constantly. Finished the last 2 antibiotics today. So I go Googling and find this: it's a doctor's site and it's describing what my results are - normal culture, but positive UTI test.

So now I'm very worried. I have an appointment with a urologist on the 17th - two weeks of worry! Two weeks of what iffing something's positive for cancer and moves from one treatable stage to the next within those 2 weeks.

I have three kids and not that it matters, but I'm just petrified. Doesn't help that I watched my stepdad die a very slow death of some rare brain cancer.


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