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Can you help me understand

9 years 6 months ago #35034 by osiag
I have microhematuria. I had a local uro do a cysto and he BXed a red spot in my bladder. The BX was destroyed in processing. And so, I decided to go to a pro - Dr Harry Herr at Sloan Kettering. Dr. Herr did a cysto with and without NBI technology. NBI is a technology that is supposedly better than white light (WL) technology. He did a cytology and a CT urogram. All were negative. Dr. Herr was unimpressed enough by his inspection of my bladder that he didnt even feel that it warranted a superficial BX. This was in June and I am due back for another cysto and cytol in Dec. I left feeling that I was in the clear, ie, I was feeling that the combination of the three tests ruled out cancer to the tune of about 99%. However, lately I have been hearing that cystoscopy can miss BC as much as 30% of the time. However, this stat is supposedly for the WL cysto. I also have been hearing that cytology is pretty awful at detecting cancer - it misses alot. However, those bashing cytology seem to be pushing NMB22 and may be associated financially with the company that makes the test.

Can someone set me straight on this? Does any know how sensitive cystoscopy and cytology really are? Is NMB22 really better than cytology? Does it have more false positives than cytology?

Also, can someone explain to me how to send a private message? I wanted to try to contact Pat?

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