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Bladder Cancer Forum

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New Treatment Center Finder

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 " you have bladder cancer" changes your life forever and only someone who has also heard them ....

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paulb's Avatar
Today 20:54
Why not BCG before bladder removal Hi everyone, I had the first of six BCG treatments today . It was a quick process to introduce .I am following the instructions for post treatment .It has been almost six hours now and with little discomfort. I am hopeful that this works as it has for...
Alan's Avatar
Today 17:33
Not diagnosed, just worried Laura, You do not want to wait. While there are other reasons for blood in the urine, you know this is not normal. I passed "gross hematuria" (visible blood) just once because I didn't want to wait. My GP saw me that day. After a week of antibiotics...
LauraJose's Avatar
Today 00:13
Necessary scope? Jopo, I am wishing you all good news with your tests. I am also a newbie to this forum, with some undiagnosed symptoms that may or may not be bladder cancer. I am experiencing intermittent blood in my urine. Some days, I will have clear pale...
Karnak's Avatar
26 Nov 2015 15:43
IVIG ending8 months ago interfering with BCG? Curious, I had 3months of IVIG infusions for a Anti MAG para-protein peripheral neuropathy condition. It ended about 8 months ago with no improvements. Is it possible that the immunosuppressive properties of that treatment may linger and interfere with the...
Daviss0501's Avatar
25 Nov 2015 14:43
Low grade non invasive bladder cancer Thank you so much for the replies. It means so much to me. My doctor told me to continue doing exactly what I was doing, but for some reason i just don't agree with that! I did read about the green tea and am planning on adding that to my diet daily. I...
MadLove's Avatar
24 Nov 2015 15:52
My Mother Thanks for sharing. That's great news for you and your mom!
sara.anne's Avatar
24 Nov 2015 14:32
my mom has bladder cancer Hello, again, Marybeth!! You have picked probably the best of the best for a second opinion, and Yale is not "chopped liver" either! You might discuss the clinical trial options with them also. I only know of one person here who was in a clinical...
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