The American Bladder Cancer Society was born from the hope of survivors of this often overlooked and underserved disease that the future could be made easier for those that came after them.

When faced with a diagnosis of bladder cancer, you and those that care about you are thrown into a freighting place where knowledge is potentially lifesaving. How do you even know what applies to you when you do not even know the questions to ask, what is the difference between stage 1 and 2, what is a cystoscopy? Here you will find many bladder cancer related links, definitions, and overviews on different subjects. Read more...


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Bladder Cancer Forum

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New Treatment Center Finder

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willdavmaa's Avatar
Yesterday 18:10
Re:Anybody out there? I appreciate you moving it. I am in a fog and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to start it.
Alan's Avatar
Yesterday 17:51
treatment and surgery I have not had to decide as I am one of the lucky ones. Here is a good source on types of diversions: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/services/urinary_reconstruction_and_diversion/hic_urinary_reconstruction_and_diversion.aspx
GKLINE's Avatar
Yesterday 14:54
10 years ago-having a Radical Cystectomy Bella I know how you feel about sharing feelings with family. I am not a touchy feely kind of person but this is very different. You need a shoulder to hang on to. It is time to have a "sit down" with your husband and share your feelings. Ask him how he...
Flamenco.'s Avatar
01 Sep 2014 10:11
Bulge around Stoma Hi and welcome to the website. I cannot answer your question, but I am sure some of the other members who have a stoma will answer as soon as they can to let you know if this is normal, or if it requires medical attention. Diane
DougG's Avatar
31 Aug 2014 23:52
How do you deal with it? Seadoo, You are in the right place. Sorry you need to be here. Doug was diagnosed at age 44; he has had 6 reoccurances, had BCG treatments, AND has been cancer free for 5 years and 9 months! How do we deal with it? Like others have said, one day at...
CatherineH's Avatar
31 Aug 2014 22:44
Adenocarcinoma - scheduled for partial cystectomy Hello Lorraine... I hope this finds you improving each day and feeling much better all around. You hopefully have been freed from the catheter by now and are able to get around easily and easing back into some of your everyday routine. So happy the staple...
GKLINE's Avatar
30 Aug 2014 13:37
Never EVER give up! I just thought this thread needed a refresh. There are a few new people here that need to know that bladder cancer is a ROYAL PAIN in the ...... But You can't Give up!! Keep Your eye on the Prize and keep your "team" in the game! We all need...
GKLINE's Avatar
30 Aug 2014 13:25
sir this is charan and my age is 21 Get to The Doctor..................... NOW!!!!!!! May be nothing. May be Something. Find out.
sara.anne's Avatar
29 Aug 2014 03:33
First BCG Treatment Laurel, there is indeed a shortage of BCG. There is quite a discussion of the causes and expected timetable in a Forum thread under the category "non-invasive." You will want to do the BCG series as soon as it becomes available. I suspect that you doctor...
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ABLCS People who care about someone who is fighting cancer often ask what they can do to help this sure is a good place... http://fb.me/3yxl57XlK
11:23PM Aug 27
ABLCS BCG shortage update- We have received word from Merck that the manufacturing problem with BCG is being worked on... http://fb.me/3qSnkCOHZ
08:29PM Aug 26
ABLCS Another ice bucket challenge issued to benefit the ABLCS. If you issue a challenge and wish for us to post it... http://fb.me/3T7H5Qaa3
03:04PM Aug 26




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