The American Bladder Cancer Society was born from the hope of survivors of this often overlooked and underserved disease that the future could be made easier for those that came after them.

When faced with a diagnosis of bladder cancer, you and those that care about you are thrown into a freighting place where knowledge is potentially lifesaving. How do you even know what applies to you when you do not even know the questions to ask, what is the difference between stage 1 and 2, what is a cystoscopy? Here you will find many bladder cancer related links, definitions, and overviews on different subjects. Read more...


Bladder Cancer Forum

Bladder Cancer Forum

Join Our Forum Here you will find community, support, the exchange of information and ideas, you are not alone. Link to main forum

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New Treatment Center Finder

New Treatment Center Finder

The American Bladder Cancer Society’s new Treatment Center Finder is now open to the public for you to use. Click on the image to...

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Hearing the words

 " you have bladder cancer" changes your life forever and only someone who has also heard them ....

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In our community forum survivors and the people that care about them post questions

Bladder Cancer informational portal

What should I do? What will it be like? Where do I find what I need to know?

Bladder Cancer 101

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GKLINE's Avatar
Today 14:14
All clear, annual check-up Thank you Ann AND Thank You Anne George
sara.anne's Avatar
Today 11:57
cysto and blood Hope the beets were really good!
Flamenco.'s Avatar
28 Oct 2014 05:15
recurrence of superficial tcc I think a lot of statistics on any type of cancer are confusing and can be misleading. I was also told there was a 70% chance of the cancer returning, but that doesn·t necessarily mean it will become invasive. Superficial bladder cancer has a high rate of...
carol58's Avatar
27 Oct 2014 19:48
AS the 27th Draws Near Anne, that is wonderful news!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for negative biopsies!! Carol 58
lindamonette's Avatar
27 Oct 2014 19:25
Pathology Results In My Oct 17 surgical pathology report: Final pathological diagnosis, TURBT Fragments of High Grade papillary urothelial carcinoma present, non invasive Muscle tissue present, free of tumor Treatment plan remains BCG in 3-4 weeks with new grade: Ta-HG...
Alan's Avatar
27 Oct 2014 19:14
BCG All 12 of mine done at URO's office. Simpler, cheaper billing and no issues. Pretty simple or routine 5 minute procedure.
Cynthia's Avatar
26 Oct 2014 13:41
Twisted intestine partial blockage Nancy, I am very sorry this has to be terrible not knowing what is going on. The reason you are not getting many replies is that we do not see a lot of this here. It sometimes happens after an RC but it has been a while since someone here had this happen. We...
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All services of the American Bladder Cancer Society are free of charge to everyone. The ABLCS is a 501(c)(3) organization and is supported by public donations. Our purpose is to offer support and information as well advocate for the bladder cancer community. We firmly believe that lives can be saved through awareness of bladder cancer’s symptoms. Please consider helping us through your donation of time, talent, or treasure.