Recurrences near ureter orifice quandary-advise

17 years 3 months ago #1052 by wendy
Gee Rosie, that does sound like a quandary. But I remembered in Europe sometimes tumors are treated with drugs and NOT removed first. Read this:

Perhaps that is something that could be considered as an option.
Please keep us posted and all the best to you.


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17 years 4 months ago #956 by Rosie
Can anyone advicel me of their experience or knowledge on remedying this quandary? My original papillary tumor and the recurrence site is just outside the left ureteral orifice. Four urologists (not associated with each other) have told me complete TURB followed by fulgerization can not be chanced because of possible scarring that could block my left ureter and the left kidney function. My low grade papillary TCC does not warrant that type risk or more invasive type applications. It is a quandary because I obviously have some seeding of the papillary cells remaining after TURB which cause recurrences. Four to be exact. I currently have 3 to 5 mm (mm not cm) fourth recurrence at the left ureteral orifice. I have not had mitomycin after TURB but am considering that possibility. Any insight from patient or medical personnel is appreciated.

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