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Red Spot

13 years 2 months ago #9354 by Rosie
I had a second TURB because of a "red" spot being seen. Because I always get copies of the operating room report and phsycian notes, I was upset to learn I had pre-op, surgery for this red spot "that fell apart when touched by an instrument." That is a direct quote from the report. I quit acting so quickly to agree to another TURB when the follow through appointments over the years showd "somthing".

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13 years 2 months ago #9347 by timb
good to get the biopsy done definitely. also, however, in my experience, my bladder was peppered with what my surgeons always described as "scar tissue" from previous resections. so unless there are some different circumstances then I don't know why your doctor necessarily thinks the site of a resection will always clean up so well. im not a doctor though so I don't know for sure. In addition, BCG is well known for it's ability to irritate the lining of the bladder and cause red spots. I had several investigated during my BCG courses. they have to/should investigate them all as you don't want to miss anything and sometimes the red spots are more than just inflammation. but my money's on it being something like that.


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13 years 2 months ago #9346 by mattsmudder
In June I had a resection for a very large bladder tumor which was biopsied to be low grade, low state (superficial, T1). I went in mid July for a second resection to make sure they got everything and another deep muscle biopsy which confirmed nothing there. Then a time for healing and a course of 6 weeks of BCG which went very smoothly. Earlier this week I went in for a scope. The urologist says the spot where the base of the tumor was removed is still red (about the size of a quarter). The rest of the bladder looks fine. I commented that is probably normal as the bladder is still healing. She said no it should be healed by now after 3 months. I am going in for another biopsy in 2 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this most likely a reoccurence? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

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