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New to forum: Urologist wants to start Maintenance BCG with my Dad ...

13 years 1 week ago #7047 by Rosemary
Dear Nean,

I would definitely go for a second opinion on this one. If your Dad is having recurrances every 6 months then it gives me doubts about the effectiveness of the BCG treatments. Perhaps your doctor feels that the BCG's are delaying recurrance? This is the only thing that I can think of. I am wondering if you father has been treated with Mitomycin C?

Dr. Lamm is a world reknown expert on BCG and Bladder Cancer. I would recommend that you send him a query about this situation. Dr. Lamm has always been kind enough to answer our questions and his answers have always been most helpful.

Here is his site....


Good luck,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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13 years 1 week ago #7036 by Nean
Hello. I am new to this forum and hoping that someone might have some thoughts to help.
My father, 83 years old (will be 84 in a few months), was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer back in November of 2004. He went through an intial 6 weeks of BCG in spring of 2005 and since then, has had TURB about every 6 months to remove the tumors. This last time, the urologist took my Mom and me aside and suggested my Dad go on maintenance BCG ... first 6 weeks, then three weeks more in three months, etc., for the next three years.
My Dad currently has trouble making it to the bathroom on time and often has accidents. I don't really think he could hold the BCG in his bladder for 2 hours ... and then, of course, there's the risk of the bacteria being present should he have an accident ...even, say, on the way home from the doctor's office.
Along with this, he is already weak and tired all the time and I'm very concerned that being a patient for so much of his life might make him even more depressed. I've read that the effectiveness of the treatment goes down after age 80, as well, as the body's immune system is slower as it ages.
Has anyone had any experience with an elderly person receiving maintenance BCG? Any thoughts or additional links of information would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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