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Recurrence of Two Polyps After TUR of One

17 years 3 months ago #585 by sdefilip
First off, I am a big worrier and my mind has been eased somewhat by this forum.

I was diagnosed with a low grade, non-invasive tumor in February, 2006 and it was completely removed. At my three-month cysto, just yesterday, two very small polyps were found and one was removed in the office. My urologist wants to wait about a month or more to remove the other (he says it isn't going anywhere). One of the polyps was on the bladder side of the prostate but he didn't seem concerned about that and said that after the second one was removed he would instill "medicine" (which I assume is chemo or BCG) in the bladder that would decrease the chance for recurrence to 10%.

My urologist keeps telling me that this is not much more than a "nuisance" as long as we monitor it and not to think that I am dying of cancer. Even when I asked if getting two polyps after one was removed meant it was progressing, he said "it's just a nuisance". I still wonder if he is wrong or maybe holding back although he doesn't seem the be the type to hold back.

I am especially worried sick right now about getting two new polyps when I started with one and if I keep getting recurrences, even with the "medicine", will it mean my bladder will need to be removed.

Has anyone had recurrences in which there were more polyps (or tumors) than the first time?

Thank you for your responses.

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