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Hi Fabio,

I know the treatment for bladder cancer can be a drag.   Survival rate of non muscle invasive bladder cancers are great by treatment and follow up diagnosis can be long.   But I agree with you that something is not right if the cytology finds cancer cells but the urologist cannot find it for 3 years.  

What does the report from cytology say?

Suspicious for high grade urothelial carcinoma?
High grade urothelial carcinoma?
Atypical urothelial cells?

Have ever thought of getting a second opinion from an academic hospital with a urology department?   They may have additional diagnostic tools.  In the US,  some academic hospitals or large cancer centers  are equipped with a flexible blue light cystoscopy.  When tissue is exposed to blue light, cancer cells emit red light and normal cells look blue. So, it is easier for urologists to find smaller tumors and flat tumors (carcinoma in-situ).

 If bluelight cystoscopy is not available,  urologists may send the urine sample for another type of cytology such UroVysion,by Abbot diagnostics in the US  or CxBladder by Pacific Edge in New Zealand..  UroVysion FISH checks abnormal numbers of chromosomes 3, 7, 17 in cells in urine samples.   Abnormal numbers of chromosomes 3, 7, 17 in cells in urine are strongly associated with cancer cells. CxBladder checks abnormality of 5 different genes which are associated with bladder cancer.   If those urine analyses say high probability of high grade tumor and cytology see high grade cancer cells, then I think the chance of the existence of tumor increases. If the results conflict with the cytology, then we do not know which result is correct.

I take vitamin supplements plus vitamin D as the sky is gray and rains a lot in winter. I try to eat right and walk every day and ride on my bicycle a few times a week.  I am hydrating much more than before.  My bad habit is lack of sleep.  I drink herb tea sometimes but not prevent or kill cancers.

It is your right to decide what's good for you, but it would be good if you can stick around till what is cytology says yes but cystoscopy can't find it.  

best wishes

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(Posted by Sara Anne for Fabio)

My name is Fabio and am 67 years old, from South Africa and am brand new to the group

I was diagnosed with non invasive bladder cancer in 2016 - they removed the tumor.

Thereafter i have had typical ongoing maintenance, but have been allergic to BCG so have been having mitamisin

Anyway, about 3 years ago after a regular six month cystoscopy, my urologist found cancer cells in the urological system via a urine cytolgy sample.

He has been trying to find the area whwere the cancer is coming from, for the last 2 to 3 years via CT scans, ultrasonic scans, and regular six monthly cystoscopy. The cancer cells are always still present in the urine, but the urologist can see where its coming from.

I am so tired of this now that i have stopped any treatment and have been trying to kill the cancer via natural herbs and treatments.

I am not sure how to post this to everyone, but has anyone had success and been able to cure this type of urological cancer by natural means?

Please advise, as i dont know what to do and am tired of scans and cystoscopies.


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