what happened to me after a kidney stent

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I am sorry to read about the stent problems. All I can say for now is you have to latch to the "no malignant cells found" and figure all is well. Hopefully, that continues on the next report and go forward with that. It really sounds like your team is vigilant and really working at a resolution.

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     As reported, I had a procedure on July 27 that resluted in leaving the surgery center with a kidney stent in me. They've been trying to figure out why my urine labs and ureter washings continue to show suspicious cells when nothing shows up from radiology or cystoscopy.  They took some samples from my kidney and ureter for biopsy.
     They prescribed some Norco for pain plus the antibiotics plus some other things.  This was on a Tuesday.  The doc said the stent would stay in until August 9, but I called two days later because I was in a lot of pain even with the Norco.  They told me to come in and the doc would remove my stent on Friday. 
     It was a painful experience having the stent removed, and it looked like it was about 12-14" long, but I am accustomed to a few minutes of pain when I go to the Uro for procedures.  I was grateful to have it out.  But by that night I was in so much pain, doubled over and screaming, that I wanted to call 911.  My girlfriend got my doc on the phone and he said to to take a double dose of Norco (2 x 325 mgs.) plus 800 mgs. of Ibuprofen.  I had just taken a Norco an hour earlier.  He said to take the pills.  This got me through the night, but I was halucinating and my girlfriend said I was speaking Spanish or something that sounded like Spanish for an hour, and I only know a little bit of Spanish. I can attest to the fact that Norco can cause halucinations.  I saw and heard things that were not there.  
     The following Saturday morning I was OK but I was afraid to move too fast or do anything for fear of the pain returning.  I have not taken any Norco or any Ibuprofen since last Friday night.  I even went to the gym today and rode the bike for 40 minutes.
     Just got the pathology from that July 27 kidney biopsy and, although I never really understand what those things say and have to rely on the doc to explain things, it does say "No malignant cells found."
     I go back to the Uro on August 9 to get the official version.  You know, the face to face visit in the office rather than naked from the waist down on the cysto table.  I'm hoping he says back to the protocol of just labs and cystos every 90 days.

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