Cytoscopy,reTURBT and Biopsy with Mucosal Elevation

7 months 17 hours ago #60669 by Bills
Hi All 
My father had a second cystoscopy, reTURBT and biopsy as per our plan with Uro since diagonosis in sep 2020.
We have our cystoscopy on 21th which according to Uro was clear and no sign of reccurence and bladder was clear more than he expected after BCG 4 doses. I myself saw the vedio of cystoscopy which was crystal clear and I can see that bladder has healed from bcg side effects.
Uro said that he saw a mucousal elevation of 1x1cm which he did not consider as tumor but he resected for biopsy. He also took some sample of muscles from different parts of bladder for biopsy as well. This was our plan after first TURBT bcg induction.
Now I am waiting for pathology report which should be clear hopefully and God willing. I will be sharing that update as well once received.
Future plan: 3 BCG doses with reduced dose in 4 to 6 weeks 
I thank all members of this forum especially Sara , joea73 and Alan
God Bless 

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