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Congrats on the successful treatment by GemDoc Regiment.  

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Last year, I posted that my brother--who had T1HG--had switched from BCG to chemotherapy, a regimen of gemcitabine and docetaxel. He'd been through BCG induction and almost a year of maintenance, but the BCG shortage meant that there would be no more BCG maintenance. His doctor offered him GemDoc maintenance instead, and he took it; he has been on that regimen for almost a year now.

He has his most recent 'scope yesterday, and the cancer has no returned. So that's good--evidence that the switch to GemDoc works, at least in this one case, and I wanted to report that to the forum. However, my brother's doctor said that if he wanted to go back on BCG, a one-third dose, he could--and he thinks he will, since BCG treatment was easier to tolerate than the GemDoc (though he had very few side effects with either). I was just wondering: has anyone else around here gone back to BCG (at any level, for any reason) after being on GemDoc? Or is my brother once again part of a brand-new cohort?
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