Bladder Cystitis due to BCG

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Bladder Cystitis due to BCG was created by sbills
My father went for a general USG scan for checking the pelvic region and the UT and bladder and thanks God all is fine with no focal growth and mass seen. But I know its not as reliable as cystoscopy. Will do the Cystoscope after Jan 15 as Rx by Uro.
What the USG found is Bladder cystitis in some areas which has increased since last USG from 6.6 to 9mm. Radiologist said its BCG side effect.
Please advise me for anything below:
1. Is this a serious issues and due we need to address it before our first maintenance BCG ( Jan 25th) starts?
2. Is this a common side effect after BCG and will go away of its own? No treatment needed.
3. Do we need to do urine culture ? We have done urine culture for 24 hrs and it came out to be negative for any bacterium. Do we need to repeat it and do it for 48hrs?
4. Our last cystoscope was done on 06 Nov and it came to be negative for any recurrence. Uro said we will do one more cystoscope after Jan 15 to start the 3 doses of maintenance BCG.
5. Can we lower the dose from 80ml to 40 ml in our first BCG maintenance ? so as to lower the side effects?

Please advise for above

Thanks and Regards

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