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Sorry, I do not know where I saw it, but I was watching a webinar of a few urologists. One urologist said that he orders cytology every time he does cystoscopy. He said also that if cytology is negative 97-98% of the time cystoscopy is negative. The problem is when cytology is positive and cystoscopy is negative, then he has to find out the reason. So, what your urologist is doing sounds the right thing to do. Your urologist is trying to find out the source of suspicious cells found in your urine. There can be many reasons. For example, it can come from a tumor in one of the ureters or some other place.

A case in point, a person I know had gone recently to the ER because of pain in the pelvic area. CT scan found a tumor was blocking a ureter and urine backed up to a kidney. He has been middle of treatment for non-muscle invasive, so he must have had several cystoscopies. So, cystoscopy alone can miss a tumor in the ureters.

It can be nothing, but it is good to know that your urologist is taking the extra steps to assure that there isn't anything.


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Urine cytology is famous for false positives. I had one about 6 years ago when my GP checked my urine and he went nuts. My URO was copied and he said what? The count evidently was so low he dismissed it knowing I had my yearly scope a few weeks later....which confirmed nothing.

Just keep your scheduled checks which I am sure you are doing and January 8 is soon enough to get concrete answers. A CT scan will hopefully confirm, nothing! The only question I would ask: should you have another course of BCG? A maintenance course of 3?

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Positive urine cytology tests mean that further tests need to be done, but they are not definitive. They do give false positives indicating the presence of cancer sometimes when it is not there.

Your urologist is correct in investigating further, it you will not know for sure until the results are in.

Sara Anne

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I am confused but, then again, I'm not a doctor so I have to rely on the experts. After my turbt, my 6 bcgs, then a scoping the doc said everything looked great. No more symptoms, too. Then he ordered a urine lab and it came back "suspicious for urothelial carcinoma." Nothing else on there.
We had an in-office chat and he said my path report was "positive." I should have asked "But it says suspicious and nothing else" but I negelected to point that out. In any event, he now says we have to be proactive so he's oredered another CT scan (which I had a year ago) and then another scoping on Jan 8.
Is there any significance to the path report just saying "suspicious?" If I still have cancer cells in there, will I go through another course of bcg?

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