20% High Grade Papillary Carcinoma

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the encouraging words and HOPE which is reflected in your reply. I really appreciate your reply and information. Yes you r right , I am outside US and I work in UAE. I am from Kashmir IOK. You might have heard the name of the place. Due to political issues , this place is undeveloped medical facilities. But at the same time , I first trust God and then my Uro.
Only thing which was depressive and heart throbbing is the word HG in biopsy report. Then doctor explain the things which became more difficult to digest was the word "Recurrence and Progression".
Doc said if it comes back again the recommended treatment is taking the bladder out, which would not be possible as my father is 75. He would not tolerate it at this age. But he , thanks to God , has no health issues so far and was healthy as a horse till Sep 2020 when diagnosed with BC.
Only thing which I have is the HOPE that my father will come out of it , no matter what , he is a tiger and he will roar again.
Thanks again for your reply
Appreciated and Respect.

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Welcome sbills,

I will try and answer in order of your questions.

1. From what I see in your post and diagnosis yes, I would expect your father to be cured! The majority of us (myself included) will die from something else. I am 12.5+ years after my diagnosis and there are many that on this board in the same situation doing well.

2. I am sure your father would be welcome almost anywhere. At the same time it sounds like he is getting good care where your are. BCG is the standard treatment on high grade tumors of the bladder so your URO is following what most do. This included suspending treatment when there are serious side effects. By the way, if ANY is high grade the whole biopsy should be considered as a high grade diagnosis so again the Doc is doing well. It sounds like you are outside of America and while that complicates things most hospitals are $$$ driven thus cash or credit cards are probably taken. COVID I am sure complicates things. I would check their policies. MD Anderson in Houston, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Northwestern in Chicago, John Hopkins and Sloan Kettering on the East Coast, USC, UCLA on the West Coast are among many good centers.
for this.

3. I would expect your father absent other health issues to have a full life. At age 68 and diagnosed at 55 I am proof of that. However, I have also learned to cherish each day, one day at a time and hopefully, be stronger and more effective in life's journey coming through this.

Last observation. Your Dad is fortunate to have family involved. Pat yourself on the back! You are a big part of this!

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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20% High Grade Papillary Carcinoma was created by sbills
My Dad has been diagnosed for High Grade papillary carcinoma with 20 % HG and rest Low grade bladder tumor. Pathology report says
20% HG
80% LG
No Invasion to Lamina Propria and Deep Muscles

Our treatment plan was initial TURBT which removed all the tumor. Urologist took the sample of deep muscles of bladder and prostrate as well to confirm that there is no invasion to surrounding organs. All came out to be negative.
Following TURBT mitomycin C was induced within 24hrs of TURBT.
Doctor suggested BCG for 6 weeks but due to high side effects , we completed only 4 doses. By the end of 4th instillation frequency was very high and burning sensation was on peak. Also Urine test revealed puss cells 40-50 , RBC and blood and proteins as well.
Urologist suggested delay in BCG instillation and advised that we can adjust the remaining two BCG in the maintenance therapy. Let him heal and recover.
My farther is in recovery mode now and frequency and burning also subsided. But Urine infection is still the same. Once he drinks more water , Urine becomes clear with less infection.
Need some advise on below:
1. Is this ca really unmanageable and should I expect that my father will be cured one day?
2. Can I take him to some other reputed place where the medical facility is advance as I belong to a part of world which has substandard Medical Facilities.
3. Can I expect that my father can live a long life after being diagnosed with bladder ca.?
Please advise , I will really really appreciate some advises here

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